Episode 27 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. The live stream for the episode got DDOSed so they had to make another video to continue the show.


Videos Played

  1. G man's Rap Attack......please read the description box.....
  2. The G flea
  3. Man Drugs and Rapes Wife (not found)
  4. Mayor Tells Bullied Kids 'Grow A Pair'
  5. Van Jones scared of robots (not found)
  6. Drunken Peasants animated
  7. Brain Enema Freakout (not found)
  8. Show host on Michael Sam kiss: I don't want it in my face
  9. Stairway to Heaven Stolen (not found)
  10. Family Guy EXPOSED !!! TV's Most Satanic and Anti-Christ Comedy Show !!!

Part 1

They started the show by talking about TJ's boring vacation and talked about some fan art.

They played a video of their favorite class clown's new rap. Ben said he thought G Man was a troll, however TJ was on the fence of his legitimacy. To show how good G Man is at rapping they played this atheist rap that paled in comparison to G Man's masterful musical talent.

After that rap battle they played a news story of some guy who drugged and raped his wife, but was stupid enough to put it on film and post it on the internet. Then they played a video of some Mayor telling bullying victims to just grow some balls, because their all a bunch of whinny bitches.

Next they played a video of Van Jones scared of robots taking our jobs. They followed that up by playing an animated drunken peasants video. They took a break. The technical issues because some asshole tried to ruin their connectivity.
Drunken Peasants May 20th Show DPP -27 Part 248:55

Drunken Peasants May 20th Show DPP -27 Part 2

Part 2.

They played a video of this bitch TJ responded to lose her shit. Some asshole butt fucked their connectivity so hard they had to go offline.

Part 2

They resumed the show by playing a video of women being offended by homosexuals kissing on the NFL and being a hypocrite.

Then they played a new story about how Led Zeppelin stole Stairway to Heaven from Spirit.

Then out of nowhere they played a video that would change the history of the DP forever, the Vigilant Christian. He basically talked about how Family Guy is satanic. The DP refuted the shit out of him for the rest of the episode.



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