Episode 25 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. It was the first episode where Scotty and TJ sucked Ben's cock for the entire show. It was also the debut of Scotty Cena.


  • The debut of Scotty Cena.
  • The peasants celebrate Ben's birthday.
  • G Man's latest hit single.
  • An interview with George W. Bush.

Videos Played

  1. Atheist PWNED Rap!!!!!
  2. White House Correspondent Highlight (not found)
  3. Did Jesus Have A Wife (not found)
  4. Nick Loris Debates Bill Nye the Science Guy on 'Crossfire'
  5. Bill Nye Debates Climate Change With Economist - CNN 5-6-14
  6. George Bush interview (not found)
  7. Rep. Michele Bachmann: NO on Women's Museum (C-SPAN)
  8. Ted Cruz Christians Shouldn't be "Forced" to do Business With Gay People
  9. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton 'Absolutely' Needs To Be Subpoenaed
  10. Alabama's chief justice

Start of the Show

The show started off by TJ fooling the audience into thinking they cancelled the show due to Ben getting his ass kicked by John Cena. After TJ trolled the audience, they started to celebrate Ben's 14th birthday by giving him a John Cena doll. Said Cena Doll Would later become the well known DP host; Scotty Cena.

The first video they played was of G Man's 2nd best rap Atheist Pwned. TJ said it was better than the 1st rap, but still bad. The rap for some reason didn't cut the audio and the clips he played. They then played the political roast party highlight.

Next they played a news story on whether or not Jesus had a wife. TJ's opinion was that Jesus was a fag. After that, they played a video of conservative dumb asses on Crossfire bullying Bill Nye. After playing all of these videos, they took a break.

Also, some gut shouted out their channel on Twitter and someone replied by calling it the worst show ever made objectionably.

Middle of the Show

They played a interview of George W. Bush talking about Putin. TJ claimed George Bush to be the funniest president ever. Next up was Michele Bachmann being the Uncle Tom of women by trying to deny sexist things republican politicians have done and go actively against women's museums and abortion. After that, devout retard Ted Cruz talked a bunch of outdated shitty ideologies about how Obama is oppressing Christians as a Christian.

Then they played a video of Rand Paul ranting about how Hilary should be subpoenaed because of Benghazi. TJ confessed that he was responsible for Benghazi this entire time and takes full responsibility for it. The last video that was played was Alabama's chief justice wanting to turn this country into a theocracy because the troops and founding fathers praised Jesus.

They took another break after playing the videos.

End of the Show

They answered some shitty questions and got a person one who made a rap against G Man.



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