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Episode 221 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast.



Videos played

  1. Drunken peasants podcast Fallout 4 intro
  2. Troll or Not a Troll - Apology to 9GAG by BG Kumbi (video not found)
  3. Bird lands on Sanders' podium during Portland rally
  4. Peasants Clip of Pastor talking to Alex Jones w/their commentary

Start of the Show

The peasants started with the weigh-in. Ben had planned to keep the weights a secret until later in the show, but TJ tweeted his weight publicly, ruining Ben's plans. Paul had lost over 11lb while TJ had lost only 7lb. They teased TJ for several minutes, and he got incredibly butt-hurt. TJ maintained that he would still win despite Paul's lead. Second, they played Troll Or Not A Troll: the answer was obvious to all. Third, they watched the viral video of the bird landing on the podium during Bernie's speech. Fourth, they watched Alex Jones interview the insane homophobic, black pastor who claimed that Obama is a vampire; this was fodder for much hilarity involving the credulity of Alex Jones.

Middle of show

End of the Show

Post Show


  • "Obama is a long-leggedy vampire MacDaddy. He can't be near no crosses." -Paul revealing that Obama is a vampiric drider
  • "Obama raped me in 1992 with a long tentacle-like penis. He's an alien." -Paul recounting his traumatic rape at the claws of our alien overlord
  • "I saw Obama shove a living baby up his asshole, and he shit out just the bones. He's some kind of otherworldly entity what feeds on our childrens." -TJ discussing Obama's preferred diet
  • "History is more of an art than a science." -Utter Moron who claimed to be a historian


  • Ben Cackle Counter: Ben laughed in his signature way 34 times during the show

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