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Episode 220 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast.


Scotty beats up TJ.

Videos played

  1. D.P chair dancing
  2. Feminist responds to T.J
  3. Vegan gains fan-girl
  4. Boy in bra in bathroom
  5. Fedora withdraw
  6. Brussels attack
  7. Rob Ford
  8. Trump angry
  9. Canada PM said he is a feminist
  10. RWW News: Glenn Beck Says Obama Is A Communist Puppet
  11. RWW News: Glenn Beck 'Can't Believe This Is My Country
  12. Trump and Ben Carson "dance"
  13.  ??
  14. Ryan winny
  15. Brussels attacks are fake
  16. G-Time jonny
  17. Letter to myself
  18. Steve Shives

The show on YouTube

The show started with the awesome D.P. chair dancing clip. Then Skanky talked about how awesome Episode 238 is going to be. They talked about how they can't find anywhere to do the meet up in their own damn town! They then shilled some shirts. They talked about John Cena and weight loss and then Scoopy beat the fuck outta' TJ, it was glorious. For Troll or not a troll they play a shitty video of a real feminist, whoever sent this one is is a dumb fuck. They then played a video of a Vegan Gains fan-girl, this is also clearly not a troll. They then play two videos of what are clearly trolls, shitty trolls at that. For the news segment they talk about the Brussels terrorist attack and what the solution of this problem is, and they concluded that they don't know how to fix this problem. TJ and the gang reminiscence about their trip to Brussels and how it was a jolly good time, they even ran into a random gay pride parade. After the great memories of Brussels they watch footage of our greatest memory, Rob Ford, the only Canadian Kasier Spotty likes. The next news story page is a dramatization of Donald Trump trying to bully Ted Cruz and how Cruz is a piece of shit, basically both are garbage. Near the end of the beginning of the show they play a Glenn Beck video, which is almost as shitty as Ted Cruz, it doesn't have any good lighting and looks like it's filmed in a basement with a hand held camera. Beck tries to put himself out there as a manly man but he fails miserably only proving how big of a pussy he is. Beck calls Obama a Marxist Communist and TJ suggests that Beck should start lying about Hillary instead of Obama because he's already on his way out. Beck talks about how he can't believe this is his country and blah, blah, blah. Ben Carson and Trump "dance". They then move on to crazy people. Josh Firestone says E=Mc2 proves god.. Albert Einstein would just love this turd using his work to shill for Jesus.. Then they played some guy breaking up with his octopus or something. Ryan Whiny returns and talks about "YouTube stuff' Then they played a video by a nut-bag who said the Brussels attacks are fake because of Letters and numbers and dates. The attacks were fakes by the Freemason as part of a New World order thingy, etc, etc.Then they played a video by GTime Johnny where he spoke in his weird code and used cutting edge white board technology. They then played a letter from a feminist to herself. (Return to sender please.) Then they played a video by Steve Shives and his cold dead soulless eyes. (STEVE BLINK TWICE IF YOU NEED US TO SEND HELP!) Steve's video was so Horrible that everyone lost the will to keep going and wanted to die so they ended the show to do the post show.

Post Show

We started off the post show with a very interesting story by Scooby about his unlucky and very uncomfortable trip having to have to be sat next to a wild buffalo on an airplane who was stuffing his face the whole flight and seemingly getting fatter and fatter as they barreled through the air, Spooky should have gotten a reduction in his fair Daddy had to pay for only having half a seat to sit on because his seat was included by a giant water buffalo.The Peasants then moved on to a video by Tommy Sotomayor where Tommy walked around his yard talking shit about The Peasants while his cameraman who was secretly Michael. J Fox filmed him. The video had a definite Cinema verite style to it thanks to the wonderful camera work of Mr. Fox, It became pretty obvious that Tommy Sotomayor is only delaying the DMCA drama to gain more views and notoriety off of the back and hard work of The Peasants. Spunky, Ben, TJ and Paul argued that talking about Tommy Sotomayor has done nothing but increase his visibility because now that people who watch the show have viewed videos that have Tommy's name in the titles and description YouTube will suggest his videos because of YouTube search algorithms which are secretly run by a new world order computer but everybody knows that and just chooses to ignore it. Tommy walks around, talking shit and showing off his yard that he is, no doubt, in a giant mortgage to use trying to show off how good of a house he has which nobody fucking cares as TJ pointed out in no time. Tommy walked around this expensive piece of grass he owns, he did nothing but pull out Straw Men and make them dance for him. In the very same video he went from calling the drunken peasants social justice Warriors to calling them racist... which made absolutely no sense at all till eventually Tommy walked away down a flight of stairs while singing a very strange song.



  • Emporer Obamer is a gawd-dayum marxist because Castro shook his hand in a funny way.
  • Ben Cackle Counter: Ben laughed in his signature way 14 times during the show

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