Episode 208 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast. It is the worst episode of the Drunken Peasants podcast.


  • It is all about Wrestlin' (good thing chat was closed)
  • Seriously. If you're not a wrestling fan, this one is safe to skip.

Videos Played

  1. Jim Cornette falls from scaffolding.
  2. Joseph Martelli Challenge The Drunken Peasants

Start of the show

No troll or not a troll was played.

The collective moan of the DP-fans when they realized that this was a wrestling show; bitches start masturbating while playing Trap Queen by Fetty Wop.

Middle of the show

Talking about some good ol' mid-south Wrastlin'.

End of the Show

Joseph Martelli challenges drunken peasants to a google hangout; the internet tough guy pseudo-intellectual equivalent of pistols at high noon.


"What ever happened to good ol' fashioned violence in America? That's what we need more of."
—Jim Cornette asking the big questions
"Wrestling sucks now."


  • Paul is a character on The Big Bang Theory.
  • TJ supports the consumption of canines.
  • A sizeable part of the Audience don't give a shit about Wrestlin'.

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