Episode 197 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast. It was the first to feature pussy-whipped bitch Matt Dillacunty.


  • Matt redefines racism to justify his racism.

Videos Played

  1. TJ comes to as demonkin
  2. Strategic Butt Coverings - Tropes vs Women in Video Games
  3. Is America Racist?
  4. RWW News: Gary Cass Says Only Christian Men Are Qualified For Political Office
  5. Re: Otherkin Are F*cking Crazy! - Amazing Atheist Exposed
  6. Are you racist? 'No' isn't a good enough answer - Marlon James | Comment is Free

Start of the Show

The show starts out with a totally unedited video of TJ finally coming out as otherkin, specifically demonkin.

Middle of the Show

End of the Show



  • G Man was in the chat during this episode telling Matt to stop running and face him and a moderated debate.

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