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Episode 194 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast.


Videos Played

  2. The Secret Reason We Eat Meat - Dr. Melanie Joy
  3. Cadence Cowgirl - Calls - [June 13th, 2012]
  4. Amazing atheist & Paulsego - cowardice, hypocrisy and telling lies by The Drunken peasants
  5. Why STAR WARS The Force Awakens is Worse than the Prequels
  7. What's It Like Dating a Feminist? | Feminist Fridays
  8. Someone Cursed Me! - My Nasty Revenge
  9. Tamir Rice - Cops not indicted / Police Brutality
  10. Really, Amazing Atheist?
  11. RWW News: Pat Robertson's Dismissive Advice On Child Abuse

Start of the Show

The show started out with the peasants making announcements and shilling. Repzion bitched out. When Vegan Gains came on to the show they discussed how he mocked a guy with cancer and how he wants to kill Repzion. TJ and Vegan Gains talked about how they are both similar to each other. The peasants started talking about McDonalds.


"Eat meat, bitch."

They moved on to the Troll or not a troll segment where they watched a Teenager that basically wants to deep throat Vegan Gains. They declared she was a troll.

They moved on to a video from some woman explaining why we eat meat. She also told the story about how she found meat disgusting and found a way to push her moral superiority on others. She also made the claim that the evil meat eating Illuminati is conditioning people to eat meat.

They played a audio recording of Caiden Cowger getting constant prank calls on "National Radio". The first caller told Obama should suck his dick. The second caller was a Christian who fucked his dog. The 3rd caller played circus music. The 4th caller also said Obama should suck his dick. Caiden Cowger used the prank callers as the representation of all liberals.

Middle of the Show


gTime Johnny's true form.

The DP moved on to True Empiricism's latest masterpiece proving the Peasants don't wanna talk to Christians. TE was too dumb to realize KaceyTron was a fucking TROLL real christian unlike TE.

They watched a video of some hipster fuck who claimed Star Wars: The Force Awakens is worse than the prequels. He used the argument that Phantom Menace was liked by people when it was released. He also used the argument that the movie was very similar to Episode 4 therefor it sucks, even though its story has been told way before Star Wars was made.

They played a gTime Johnny video about how he is a grunt. The DP still didn't understand what the fuck he was talking about.

They moved on to a video from a feminist and her pussy-whipped bitch explaining why dating a feminist is awesome. The man answered her questions dishonestly in fear of getting tortured by her.

After that they played a video from a Mystical Wizard who explained how to get revenge on someone who curses you with magic. It's surprising how these people still believe in this bullshit.

End of the Show


A piece of shit in human form.

They played a video of some boring guy who talked about the poor oppressed police that get a bunch of SJW lies about police brutality.

They skipped that and played some whiny bitch complaining about TJ's video not being interesting enough.

A video from Pat Robetson was played where he dismissed child abuse allegations because the mother committed it and that doesn't fit with Pat's worldview.

After talking about Bill Cosby they opened some fan mail. They got a bunch of stupid products that were featured on the stupid ads segment. They also got a prequel to the Canyon Trail, a letter from an Autists, and other crazy shit.


  • "I already told Ben I give him a million dollars" - How TJ became poor.
  • "We are sellouts!" - TJ telling the truth.
  • "What if they think I'm just another cow? Muuuuuuuuu!" - TJ is a cowkin.
  • "Possibly a mystery guest coming also (to The Drunken Peasants meet up) - TJ Kirk.
  • "Chicken Noodle Soup is for pussies." - Vegan Gains.
  • Femininism is uh good, cause equality" - average feminist's pussy-whipped bitch.
  • "Affirmative action really ruined the magic game." - TJ's thoughts on black magic.


  • Vegan Gains wants to just slowly slide a knife right across Repzion's throat and just watch him, like, just look all scared and watch as the lights go out his your eyes and feel his last breath as his life fades away. Thinking about seeing Repzion die makes Vegan Gains wanna cum.
  • TJ was raised up on Mcdonalds food.
  • Chris Christie was on this episode's Crazy people segment
  • This is the second time Repzion bitched out of debating VeganGains.
  • Vegan Gains if he ruled the world said he would outlaw meat-eating and said humans that kill and sell animals for food should be executed.
  • Vegan Gains has a hard-on for Gail.
  • Caiden Cowgirl thinks cursing is a sign of intelligence.
  • TJ announced he would debate True Empiricism if he gets speech therapy.
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