Episode 19 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. It featured the return of Scoopy after his two week long escape to Canada. This was the first episode to feature the next step in human technology, the Scotty Cam.


  • A day in the in the life of Gorilla199.
  • Susanne Atanus is a real life Hagraven.

Videos Played

  1. School Bans Girl For Shaving Head (not found)
  2. Next Media: Massive solar blasts almost hit Earth in 2012, say scientists
  3. Susanne Atanus phone call
  4. Can Hillary Clinton win the millennial vote?
  5. Police Chief Busted In Prostitution Sting
  6. Ukraine leader killed (not found)
  7. The Nephilim UFO Crucifixion of Jesus Christ - Gorilla199
  8. Obumer meets Pope Francis (not found)
  9. Teen Gets McDonald's Tattoo on Arm (not found)
  10. TheAmazingAtheist E-Begs Again, And...

Start of the Show

They talked about the religion debate and their encounter with the legendary G Man.

They played a video about a girl banned from school for being bald. TJ commented on the bullshit of the no tolerance policy. They then played a video about how the earth was almost fucked.

They played a video of a person calling and owning Susanne Atanus on her claims of autism. She then denied the claims she made to try to make her seem less crazy. Scotty suggested their should be a three way with Galen, Brett Keane, and Susanne Atanus. God entered the chat room and requested to get G Man on the show.

They played a video where S.E. Cupp and how Hillary Clinton needs the dumb-ass millennials to win. They played a video of a police chief that was caught in a prostitution sting. The peasants revealed their liberal agenda to get prostitution legal. They took a break. They returned playing a video of an Ukrainian leader who died from the Russians.

Middle of the Show

Next up Gorilla199 showing us how Jesus was crucified on top of a pyramid and was defeated by a flying saucer. Gorilla used the usual conspiracy theory method of evidence for this claim. They played another video with Obama meeting the Pope to plan their satanic liberal agenda.

Then they played a video of a teen getting a McDonald's receipt tattooed on his arm cause he gets a lot of pussy. The took a break.

End of the Show

They played a video of a fag ranting about the amazing atheist doing patreon. They completely pwned him. They took another break.They answered some stupid ass questions and then ended the show.

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