Episode 162 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. It was the first episode to feature GirlDoesRant as a guest.


  • It was a special all-mask edition of Drunken Peasants.
  • GirlDoesRant has boobs.

Videos Played

  1. Review of DANGEROUS Japanese Fanny Flambeaux doll.
  2. The @AmazingAtheist + #GunControl = Full Potato
  3. Brett Keane, The internet does not forget.
  4. DEVILS: ReAL Witches, Witchcraft & Paranormal (Flying Girl plays w/ Demon caught on tape)
  5. RWW News: Matthew Hagee Says We Can Stop Mass Shooting By Outlawing Video Games
  6. TheAmazingAtheist Fraud and Scams
  7. The New Christian Outlaws
  8. 4 Blood Moons, 2 Kings and 1 Leopard

Start Of The Show

The show started out with just Ben and Mystery Guests #1 and #2. They then brought on GirlDoesRant who discussed movies with them, which led into a rant about M. Night Shyamalan's first decent movie in years, but for some reason she thought it was terrible. They talked about the horrors under Ben's mask.

They then moved on to the Troll or Not a Troll segment by playing a video of some British neck-beard ranting about some Japanese doll with flamethrowers in it. The DP concluded it was definitely a troll.

They moved on to the Crazy People Segment from a gun advocate refuting TJ on his stupid beliefs of wanting to ban all guns. The next video they played was a compilation of Butt Cream videos over the years. They stopped the video because Ben is afraid of music. They moved on to another video of this crazy fuck trying to prove that totally legit flying girl video was actually caused by demonic entities from another realm.

They then moved on to Mathew Hagee who makes the claim that video games cause mass shootings, now where have we heard that before.

Middle Of The Show

They played a video of Butt King exposing TJ's scams. What follows is nothing but pure slander. Most of the proof Brett pointed out was all twisted and fallacious. Next they moved on to Wild Bill who spoke a bunch of theocratic bullshit. Then GirlDoesRant and TJ had orgasms over the presence of God and Satan.

End Of The Show

After a slew of Internet problems, a photo montage of girls with "I love DP" drawn on their boobs and/or butt cheek(s) was shown. Afterwards, another photo montage of fans wearing the Drunken Peasants T-shirts. The show ended early because the Internet problems were getting worse.


  • "Drunken Peasants Podcast number one-sixty-fucking-one, bitches!" - Ben forgets how to count.
  • "Have you ever had sex with a fruit?" - Scotty Mystery Guest #2's question to Mystery Guest #1


  • On the stream the episode was mislabeled as 161 showing us once again Ben can't do shit right.
  • All the people who jerked off to GDR was secretly jerking off to TJ, Ben included.

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