"Are you ready for my carbon emissions?"
Episode 140 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. It features the return of the Bible Reloaded and Stevie as guests.

Videos Played

  1. John Cena is Illuminati
  2. Wild Bill News Check 8-10-15
  3. The Truth about CO2
  4. 25 Fulfilled Bible Prophecies you can't deny
  5. Women being difficult with their men and vice versa
  6. Wretched: Ray Comfort responds to atheist accusations.
  7. Trump's 'Gitmo' plan leaked
  8. The Official Rapid Ramen Commercial
  9. The Dog Dicer - A One-Of-A-Kind Hot Dog Slicer
  10. PC Matic
  11. Kitty Shack As Seen On TV Commercial Buy Kitty Shack As Seen On TV Tube Cat Bed Pet Bed
  12. BullsEye Pee Pad

Start of The Show

Episode 140 began with a stunning display of incompetence. The guests volume is too loud and two videos from episode 139 are watched again, without any acknowledgement from the Peasants.

Middle of The Show

End of The Show


  • Higher C02 is not a bad thing.
  • Pearl Harbour happened because Japanese people have weird eyes.
  • Scotty is secretly Mickey Mouse.
  • Scotty is an anti-semantite.
  • Episode 140's wiki page has a stunning lack of information. Nobody can explain this phenomenon.


  • "Man, fuck you TJ." - Scotty
  • "Smoke Weed Every Day." - Jesus Christ
  • "Oooh, put things in me." - TJ,Impersonating his anus
  • "Women, stop being difficult." - The Beast


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