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Episode 130 is an episode of Drunken Peasants.


Videos Played

  1. Do men even have feelings?
  2. Amazing Atheist White Guilt? Definitely!!
  3. TJ 'Flip Flops' on Bill Cosby (can't find)
  4. The Holocaust Hoax Exposed - Steven Anderson
  6. The Marriage of Church and State
  7. PSA: #YesAllwhitePeople
  8. Homosexuality is a Mental Disorder
  9. Gay couples protect marijuana with guns TPP! call below SHARE!! links...
  10. OBAMA, HITLER and the coming CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST ... and why CHRISTIANS should be EXCITED!

Start of The Show

They started the show by showing the glorious rapture of Stevie getting pimp slapped in slow motion by TJ. Opening up was Troll or Not a Troll, with some misandrist dipshit declaring herself "a conspiracist" and "a philosophospher". She logically theorized that men's cognitive capacity for emotion was damaged/broken or inferior to women. Totally supported by neuroscience and forensic psychiatry. Though, we shouldn't give her too much slack, as she's obviously suffering a lot as her fish, Swaglord Winston XVII, died the day she made the video.

Then there was some AIU apologist, who looks suspiciously like a GEICO caveman, claiming that black people are entirely their own problem and that blacks are criminals by in large.Then Ben played a video exposing TJ of "flip-flopping like a little bitch" on Bill Cosby. Even though he simply altered his position with the accessibility of new evidence. TJ then went on to expose Ben as being a race traitor in their intro to Pastor Steven L. Anderson exposing the Holocaust as being fake. TJ became convinced of the truth that the Holocaust never happened because of the number 6.

Middle of The Show

They proceeded onto more Christian mental retardation with The Vigilant Christian discussing the apocalypse. Scotty, using his immense powers predicts the end of the world to be January 1st 2020. TJ disagrees and says it will happen on July 16th 2015 at 11:45 PM EST. The Peasants then discuss the GOP polls and bullshit around about future president TJ Kirk III.

They then discuss Bernie Sanders the hippy-god and Hillary Clinton. Ben then went onto show the Peasants an article displaying a stupid conservative freak-out about gays being allowed to marry on The Blaze written by Matt Walsh. The Glorious Peasants then proceeded to a Mild Bill video on marriage on a beautiful scenic beach. It was yet another load of bullshit fudging the line with separation of Church and state.

Afterwards was some retarded girl who decided wild generalizations were there best way to convey her argumentation objectively. TJ, Scotty, and Ben then fervently denied how racist they are because they are white and all white people are racist.

The next video they tackled was two black guys asserting that being gay isn't a choice and was invented by Planned Parenthood to act as population control for the African American community. Makes sense, but of course the sheeple Peasants don't get it.

End of The Show

Joshua Feuerstein kicked off the final leg of the show with his dumbass "Obama is equitable to Hitler" diatribe. They then like-whored with the use of Scotty and TJ's persuasive skills. You are a racist and face being completely and utterly social ostracized if you didn't click the like button. After going a little further into Josh's video, they maxed out the retard-o-meter for the night, so they had to end the show.


The hosts reviewed Steve Shive's video, "5 Stupid Things About Star Trek".


  • Rest in peace, Swaglord Winston the fish.
  • TJ is bigoted towards slightly racist Atheism-is-Unstoppable fans.
  • TJ likes jazz, but dislikes most hip-hop.
  • The hosts want to get Kent Hovind on the show.
  • Pastor Steven L. Anderson is a word slave.
  • The Holocaust never happened because of the number 6.
  • TJ took his first bathroom break on air during the Vigilant Christian segment (unfortunately, not ON air).
  • If TJ was president, he would veto everything, and when he's too lazy to even do that, Scotty would do it for him.
  • The wheel is a lie.
    Steven anderson pastor

    "The Jews love numbers." - Pastor Steven L. Anderson

  • Wild Bill was filming at the beach this episode as he was watching for militant homofascists.
  • Wild Bill doesn't believe in separation of church and state in the United States.
  • Nuance is annoying, and all white people are racist.
  • The debut of #YesAllWhitePeople.
  • There is scientifical evidence that people aren't born gay! Who knew?
  • Scotty is gay for the Starship Troopers bugs. The ones that shoot lava are his favorite.
  • Homosexuality is a conspiracy to reduce the population of black people.


  • "Ban TJ (featuring Scotty)." - TJ
  • "Ben's just riddled with that white guilt." - TJ
  • "TJ! The Justice Warrior!" - Scotty
  • "I'm not for any kind of socialism!" - Pastor Steven L. Anderson
  • "People who's dicks were bigger than Hitler's..." - TJ
    What am i doing with my life

    "What am I doing with my life?" - Wild Bill, at some point, probably.

  • "Now, do we live in the End Times? Absolutely!" - The Vigilant Christian
  • "11:45 AM, the nukkakes will drop, and the world will drown in Jesuit semen." - TJ
  • "Was President TJ drunk?" - Scotty
  • "The wheel is false, the wheel is a false god." - TJ
  • "Rape is the hip new thing that all the kids are doing." - TJ
  • "As we all know, The Christian Killing Act of 2015 passed, so it's legal now." - Scotty (sarcasm, of course)
  • "You're right, I'm a racist! - TJ
  • "If you click thumbs up, you are ever exempt from being called a racist." - TJ
  • "Fuck the will of the people!" - Scotty
  • "Fuck the will of the people, bitch!" - TJ
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