Episode 13 is an episode of Drunken Peasants.


Videos Played

  1. Band members beaten in Sochi on cam
  2. 13 Year Old Girl Sells Girl Scout Cookies Outside Medical Marijuana Retail Shop | BREAKING STORY
  3. Arizona Passes Pro Discrimination Act Against The Gays (not found)
  4. The Nuge On Obama (not found)
  5. S.E Cupp and Van Jones on Ted Nugent (not found)
  6. Ted Nugent on his comments on Obama (not found)
  7. Colorado Governor on Weed Sales (not found)
  8. Obama Outtakes
  9. CNN exposes Rand Paul (not found)
  11. Ralph Nader on the minimum wage wars
  12. Crossfire: Does raising the minimum wage cost jobs?

Start of the Show

They started the podcast discussing TJ's 70th birthday and played the happy birthday song.

Middle of the Show

End of the Show

They played some videos and answered some muthafucking questions.



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