Episode 112 is an episode of Drunken Peasants.

The episode features TJ shoving the British flag up his ass. It started off with this faggot advertising his shitty video game so bad the developer said on the podcast that it was diary dogshit. The live chat returned this episode for a few minutes.

They then found out that Dusty wanted to start a ripoff of DP because he is still a virgin and got really fuckin' drunk and likes making racist jokes. They also answered some muthafuckin' questions.

Videos Played

  1. Baltimore police car up in flames
  2. First moments of Nepal quake captured on video
  3. God Wants Expensive Jet (can't find)
  4. Investigation: Deputy Robert Bates insufficiently trained
  5. Source: No sign of Benghazi cover-up found
  6. Gay man asks Where are my rights. the answer is great. truthseekerAi share (Ted Cruz)
  7. RWW News: Carson: We Need Guns To Fight The Terrorists Obama Won't Fights
  8. Nepal Earthquake - US Caused
  9. I Am A Feminist
  11. Bud Light Apologizes For New Ad Campaign
  12. Fox's priest: Atheists shouldn't be president because nonbelievers are 'hard to trust

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