Episode 111 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. This episode had one fat-ass, and one wanker. They played some stupid dub-step shit in the beginning of the podcast. They also did a shameful advertisement for their stupid T-shirts. They did a boring as fuck montage of the shirts they sold being worn by faggots.

Videos Played

  1. Kid Believes He Can Turn Super Saiyan Like On Dragonball Z (Troll or Not a Troll)
  2. Toilet Paper Jihad
  3. Is the GOVERNMENT SECRETLY preparing AND PLOTTING to KILL CHRISTIANS??? You decide. Wake up. (Joshua Feuerstein)
  4. The Reasons Why Democrats Are the Party of Slavery and Victimization | ZoNation (Zonation)
  5. Amazing Atheist retard owend
  6. How I view reality...
  7. Cruz reaffirms same sex marriage stance
  8. Policeman rather eat at McDonalds than saving a life
  9. Wounded vets upset after Spring Breakers spit, pour beer on them
  10. Man Chants USA At Commie Liberal In The Schools


  • The thumbnail for this video is from this very wiki.


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