""The dogs are the real masterminds. gTime Johnny just speaks through them."
TJ Kirk
Episode 110 is an episode of Drunken Peasants.

The episode started with TJ explaining how to get videos on the podcast. The Peasants later reviewed an article about some cunt feminist who happens to be Wil (shut up Wesley) Wheaton's dominatrix as well as a worshipper of Anita Sarkeesian.

The video was filled with a bunch of Stupid Ads. The streaming was such shit that they had to lower the visual quality to dog semen levels. gTime Johnny told DP that they were the most evolved. Overall the episode was really perfection.

Videos Played

  1. CH Sommers & Megyn Kelly Discuss Safe Spaces and Anti's on College Campuses
  2. ‘Shame on You’: Hannity Cuts Off Muslim Guest After Testy Exchange over Terrorism (Sean Hannity)
  3. U.S. Marshals in South Gate Attack Cop Watcher. Destroys her cellphone (Police Brutality)
  4. RWW News: Glenn Beck Is 'Breaking The Back' Of The GOP (Glenn Beck)
  5. RWW News: Boynes: Kids Hooked On Homosexuality, Ex-Gays Should Meet With Obama
  6. RWW News: Bryan Fischer Says Legalizing Gay Marriage Will 'Turn The Bible Into Mein Kampf'
  7. Health Emergency In Indiana Over HIV Outbreak | msnbc
  8. Thank You Drunken Peasants (gTime Johnny)
  9. Josh Feuerstein Confronted
  10. Vaccines: Medical Rape or Personal Choice? (The Patriot Nurse)


  • "Biology is fuel." - gTime Johnny

It's right there.


  • From this episode on, DP episodes start with TJ informing the audience on how to properly send videos.
  • According to TJ, Anita Sarkeesian swims in a pool of her death threats, mirroring Scrooge McDuck's hobby of swimming in a money pile.

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