Episode 109 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. Sargon of Akkad and Ryan Delaney were guests.

Videos Played

  1. Ending Things with The Drunken Peasants (Ryan Wiley)
  2. Feminist bullshit
  3. VIDEO - Spring Breakers Watch Gang Rape Take Place on Crowded Beach - Panama City - Florida
  4. Feminist oppression
  5. Ken Ham Interview
  6. Prayers Helped Prevent Football Injuries
  7. Policeman Vs. Murderer
  8. How To Word-Masturbate.... (gTime Johnny)
  9. Troll Or Not A Troll- Pong Is Sexist


  • This might very well be Ryan Wiley's final appearance on the podcast. (it wasn't)
  • The episode as of March 2016 is the popular and most viewed episode of the Drunken peasants at over 265,000 views.
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