Episode 108 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Potcast. As expected the episode was nothing but DP getting high and covering a ton of videos.


Videos Played

  1. Ryan Wiley's open letter to DP (private)
  2. Troll or Not a Troll: John Cena fan loves Jesus
  3. gTime Johnny drops the mic
  4. The American Jesus of Capitalism
  5. Butt Cream on sex scenes in movies
  6. The Vigilant Christian Youtube's Illuminati Control
  7. Hilary Clinton's Feminist Rants
  8. George Lucas's Best Move
  9. Police Brutality for the 9 Trillionth Time
  10. Man Jumps the White House Again
  11. Cloud Disappear Again
  12. Man obsesses over Candy Cunts
  13. Police Brutality for the 10 Quadrillionth Time
  14. Christian Family vs the Police
  15. Hilary's ChipotleGate
  16. Faggot Denies Environmental Issues

Start of the Show

The episode began with some shilling and then went right into discussing Ryan Wiley's "open letter" to DP in which he essentially blames DP for a fan threatening to give away his location, which is apparently literal rape.

Wiley complains he's getting attention even though he has a YouTube channel and a Patreon. TJ then mentioned the wiki and the entire staff creamed their pants. TJ rightly acknowledged that if Ryan didn't want to be a public figure he should do the world a favor and shut down his channel for good.

The peasants then went into a video about the John Cena troll asking the question on everyone's mind, was Jesus Christ autistic? The troll argues that because other people saw Jesus as a burden, he must have been autistic. TJ decided he wasn't a troll but Ben disagreed.

They then went into a video in which the CIA reveals the obvious that they've had many years of flawed testimony that have landed people in prison or even executed. They had a hair comparison unit which highly favored as prosecutors, so much so that 95% of testimonies were flawed.


  • TJ mentions the wiki during the Ryan Wiley segment. However, he referred to it as the "unofficial fan wiki". Too much pan.
  • Ryan Wiley wears lipstick. [1] He also reveals he doesn't know what stalking is. [2]
  • Jesus may have been the first person to ever have autism. [3]


  • "If you're coincidentally in the same place as someone, that's not stalking." - TJ being a rape apologist. [4]
  • "We're the FBI, would we lie to you? Well apparently so, sorry." - TJ's impression of a government cunt.
  • “This guy should be in the sequel to ‘Mystery Men’!” —TJ reacting to cloud guy


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