Episode 107 is an episode of Drunken Peasants.

The episode featured the Creationist Cat who reinstated the epic pwnage of TJ and an onslaught of "Hey Scotty" videos finally killed that faggot. Creationist Cat shouted out the DP Wikia and freestyle rapped and owned G Man. G Man also refuted TJ's argument against Pascal's wager with Pascal's wager. Creationist Cat became the second person in the worlds besides Eggs Rank to challenge G man to a rap battle. A Feminazi ranted about the DP for not protecting Anita's sacred image.

The DP also realized the sin they committed for allowing Live Chat for this episode. After closing it, Ben reopened it to prove the point that the chat sucks.

Videos Played

  1. Hey Scotty videos
  2. Troll or Not a Troll- Channeling space emperors.
  3. Jesus Math
  4. G Man's Wager
  5. Breakfast Club Feminist
  6. Obama's Dragon Powers
  7. BDSM is satanic
  8. Republicans are assholes too
  9. Teen Arrested in Jesusland
  10. Uncle Tom Defends the Cops


  • "I'm making Satan look like a dirty ho." - Part of Creationist Cat's rap.



Creationist cat jr
Poop balls shirt-r514e31ea108c471bb948221128d8b168 804gy 512

The chat during the entire episode

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