Episode 102 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. The episode started with a shitty April Fools' Day prank where they pretended to be a wrestling podcast. This obviously annoyed the fuck out of most of their fans, who don't enjoy wrestling at all.


  • Ben cut TJ's camera so he could smoke pan.
  • The show kept cutting out, starting at around 30 minutes. I wonder who is to blame.
  • The peasants also alluded to the fact that they are going to move at some point to an undisclosed location.

Videos Played

  1. Scott Steiner - Fan Wrestling Promo - January 29, 2012
  2. How to Ratchetly Twerk
  3. Duck and cover PSA
  4. How to be a Global Citizen
  5. Crazy Liberal Matrix 1.0
  6. Top 10 most annoying things about Atheists: 3-4
  7. Illuminati Science EXPOSED Genetic Engineering, Cloning, DNA Manipulation, Transhumanism
  8. Obama Drone King & OBAMA DICK OF DOOM Day + all Obama Dolls & Obama Toys from Pat lol
  9. Masturbation Is A Demonic Sex Magic Ritual
  10. A video about an asteroid orbiting the moon (can't find)
  11. CNN Suddenly Worried about Experienced Presidential Candidates
  12. Police investigating incident at NSA
  13. ‘Princeton Mom’ tells CNN: Getting Raped while Drunk is Just a ‘Learning Experience’

Start of the Show

Middle of the Show

End of the Show

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