DPP 100th Episode! With- PaulsEgo - JaclynGlenn - The Bible Reloaded - CultofDusty - and more!00:00

DPP 100th Episode! With- PaulsEgo - JaclynGlenn - The Bible Reloaded - CultofDusty - and more!

Episode 100 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast. The episode was an event that was widely considered to be fucking garbage. It was the second longest podcast aired to date ( Episode #28 being the longest running at 4:21:06).

It was announced on DP Episode 99, because the peasants are lazy cunts. Ben announced that the majority of the show would consist of himself being DP'ed by TJ and Scotty, followed by a special guest appearance by John Cena. Unfortunately, this was a lie.


Before the episode was aired, a promotional video was released. DP first discussed the recent French attempt at 9/11 (so cute). They also announced the guest list for Episode 100.

Videos Played

  1. Fan-made Drunken Peasants YTP (can't find) (No commentary/cold open)
  2. Blond-haired baby rocking (can't find)
  3. 1950's Anti-Homosexual PSA - Boys Beware
  4. CSquared - Ass Banana (Drunken Peasants Remix) [Free Download] (what TJ danced to)
  5. Ode to TheAmazingAtheist
  6. Phil Robertson's stupid speech (can't find)
  7. Arizona State Senator Says Church Attendance Should Be Mandatory
  8. 'Feces on the wall' leads to high school bathroom policy
  9. (Q&A videos)
  10. Night time mask ad (can't find)
  11. Captain Lou Albano - WGBS Philly 57 "Just Say No" Drugs PSA (not part of Stupid Ad Segment)
  12. The Willow Curve™ with Chuck Woolery
  13. Carpet man ad (can't find)



  • The show had over 40 million live viewers, and it was the #1 trend on Twitter worldwide for 6 months after the show.
  • The show was hampered by Paul's Ego and Jake being DDoSed by cunty niggers. After the show, the peasants tracked these individuals down in order to rape and crucify them.
  • Ben was giving TJ a footjob for the duration of the show, which is why TJ was breathing so heavily.
  • It was intended to feature Mr. Repzion, but he was busy masturbating in his bathroom to German shit porn.
  • The episode is so far the one with the most guest out of all the episodes.



Part of TJ's special dance.

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