Episode 10 is an episode of Drunken Peasants.

Videos Played

  1. George Zimmerman to fight DMX in boxing ring
  2. Japanese Composer Fraud (not found)
  3. Old cop who shot guy in movie theater denied bail (not found)
  4. Benicia Teacher Teresa Badger Laces Food With Pot At Employee Dinner
  5. Chris Christie Superbowl Fail (not found)
  6. Sochi Official Poisoning Stray Dogs
  7. Facebook Turns Ten (not found)
  8. Woody Allen Pedophile (not found)
  9. Woody Allen's Ex Wife Defends Him (not found)
  10. Ken Ham Vs. Bill Nye Debate

Start of the Show

They started the show by reading a comment from some guy about the Peasants pro-pan legalization agenda. They read another person who asked the peasants to get Obama on the show. They then read another comment about a guy hating on Jaclyn Glenn. Later on, they spent a chunk of the podcast dissecting Ken Ham's arguments in the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate.

Middle of the Show

End of the Show

Finally, they answered some questions.



  • This is the first episode Ben claims to hate John Cena.

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