Scotty realizes he's out of eggs. :(

"Ben took away my virginity when I first saw this."
Pope Francis after being shown EggsGate on Random Discussions of the Inebriated Variety.
EggsGate 2017, also known as #EggsGate or simply EggsGate, was a famous scandal surrounding a series of videos of Scotty doing various lewd acts, including: sexual intercourse with multiple Eggs, pouring hot yolk on his dick, giving several dogs herpes, and wearing a bikini made of human skin. These videos were part of TJ's private collection, but were mysteriously made public on December 25th, 2017. In addition to TJ, Scotty had also sent them to a guy he was seeing at the time, who sent it to two others.

TJ made a video on his Amazing Atheist channel on December 31, 2017 reviewing the whole ordeal and laughing at Scotty's inability to crack an egg with his cock. TJ has showed no remorse for doing any of those things, citing his already infamous reputation on YouTube.


"At least my last name wasn't Bananafucker."
—Scottys response to TJ's sex scandal.

The event comes up occasionally on the podcast but it rarely phases Scotty, he may get a panic attack and his dick will spin around 360 degrees like a helicopter but aside from that he's grand, he has said that he sent the videos to a trusted male friend, who later had leaked the videos online to show the world the meaning of happiness. Some idiots believe that Scotty leaked the videos himself for attention. Idiots that are debating Scotty often bring up EggsGate to get a rise out of him when they have nothing of value to offer to the conversation,immediately winning the debate.

Ben, Scotty and TJ all left audio samples in hopes someone would make them into a song about EggsGate and their wishes came true.


  • "I took that yolk up the ass like a pro, bitch!" - Scotty telling the haters to fuck themselves.
  • "10/10 - Incestual masturbating never felt this good."Stevie
  • "What if Scotty is a trap?" - TJ
  • "It could have been a threesome, you bastard!" - Monica disappointed at not having a lead role, leaving Scotty for a more handsome man.

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