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"I rape little girls"
—Dusty's catchphrase and overall life motto
Dusty Smith is the American creator of the agnostic atheist YouTube channel CultOfDusty. He is a former whale person from Greenwood, Mississippi. He previously lived in Denver, Colorado before moving back to Mississippi. He is a good friend to the Drunken Peasants and their second sexiest guest (after The Vigilant Christian).


His YouTube channel is mostly revolving around criticizing Christianity and other types of theism. He has made several appearances on the Drunken Peasants Podcast as a mostly well received guest. He is a former christian who believes that atheism allowed him to finally take the reigns of his life, allowing him to pursue losing weight and using logic. (he also fucks Mud-holes)
How Ahmed The Clock Boy Conned America10:38

How Ahmed The Clock Boy Conned America

Exposing the Clock Boy

In late November 2015, Dusty finally got around to making a video (right). In the video he exposed Ahmed Mohammed's clock-bomb hoax where he pointed out every single hole in the kid's bullshit narrative.

His Ultimate Goal

Dusty has stated on DP that he's now bent on reaching a million subscribers. Making videos on a consistent schedule would probably be a good start, Dusty.


Dusty Smith's Got the Moves00:15

Dusty Smith's Got the Moves

If you feel a sudden urge to fuck him, you're not alone.

Dusty used to be a fat christian fuck until he became an atheist and dropped all his fatness faster than he lost his faith. Because of this, Dusty is now a promoter of the Logic Diet which involves actually getting up and doing something (a common alternative to prayer).

He has been called a pseudo intellectual, but he's actually a master comedian who makes entertaining videos.

Unfortunately, he uploads rather infrequently because, like many other atheist youtubers, he ran out of things to say on the subject of religion.


Dusty appeared on the 5th, 14th, 28th, 43rd100th144th, and 195th episodes of the Drunken Peasants.

Vs. G Man

G Man and Dusty have "squared off" several times on the podcast, and it usually results in some of G Man's most absurd quotes of all time, such as the infamous "Present me a starving child!".

Star Trek

Shortly after the death of Star Trek actor, Leonard Nimoy (the actor who played Mr. Spock), Dusty commented that he was "too busy getting laid" to ever watch Star Trek. This comment caused TJ to understandably ask him "why not have both?".

100th Episode Special

Dusty appeared on the 100th Episode Special. He was present for most of the episode and frequently smoked pan and drank beer so he could deal with DP's bullshit. He talked about his decision to stay in Denver, his future appearances on the podcast, and of his recently revived channel. His lady friend (who is revealed to be a big fan of the podcast) even showed up to say hello.

Vs. Matt Dillahunty and Zaunstar

Dusty appeared on episode 195 where he told a story about him and Matt getting into a feud. His narrative: Matt Dilahunty's wife was being a cunt to him at an atheist convention, but she secretly wanted the Dusty's dick. Dusty posted about his wife and his lust for his dick on Facebook and Matt got pissed. Dusty then starting debating Matt's wife when she said only white people can be racist. Matt's wife didn't like what he was saying so she went all ballistic on him. Dusty then posted on Facebook about how she was wrong. In response, Dillahunty's wife deleted all the posts she made about the whole racism thing and her husband got super pissed, straw-manned him, and blocked him on Twitter. Matt told his version of the story on Episode 197.

Zaunstar messaged the Peasants that Dusty was lying and straw-manning Dillahunty's wife. Zaunstar came on the show and debated him over Dillahunty's wife's post.

Defending JaclynGlenn

Dusty claimed that Jaclyn copied Theoretical Bullshit's video because she thought he was hot and thus ended up unconsciously parroting what he would say in her own videos. Dusty compared this to him refraining from watching TJ's videos as not to end up doing the same thing and devolve his videos into a carbon copy of TJ's. It would be a fair point if the whole plagiarism controversy wasn't astonishingly bigger than just Theoretical Bullshit, and Jaclyn admitting to having plagiarized when accused of doing so, both on DP and in her apology video that was followed by a shitty SJW video and a collaboration with Onision. The Live Chat, being brutal as always, wanted to lynch Dusty for this satanic act.



Racism Controversy

Dusty made a humorous Facebook post at the expense of Black people and Baltimore protesters. This pissed off the idiotic butt hurt alliance with no sense of humor, also known as Hemant Mehta. The Bible Reloaded then cut ties with Dusty. Not because Dusty is the grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, which he is, but that doesn't matter. It was also because he has the annoying accent of a man who's neck is redder than a baboon's ass. Clearly, Dusty is very racist and probably wants all minorities to be wiped off the face of the Earth, and out of his water park. That post alone undid 100 years of social progress. The status resulted in a riot held by all 4 black people living in the state of Colorado. Casualties included several butts being hurt.

The response of TBR brought a lot of their standards into question. Some speculate that they might have Mr. 7/11's dick in their ass. Others think they have become too PC for many of their YouTube atheist peers. Either way, it's a bit strange that they'd pull a page out of Ryan Wiley's book.


Black Christians = Uncle Toms05:51

Black Christians = Uncle Toms

"Homosexuality has been observed in over 2000 species, but homophobia has only been observed in one."
—Dusty stating facts
"What the fuck is wrong with you?!"
—Dusty's response to G man repeatedly claiming that he is his own god.
"I didn't realize that it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day when [I lynched all of those niggers]."
—He loves black people
"That's what I love about these elementary school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."
—Mr. Smith shortly before committing statutory rape for the 5th consecutive time.


Duck Dynasty Is Fake!05:13

Duck Dynasty Is Fake!

Dusty's most popular video

  • He is well known for sacrificing a live puppy to Satan before every podcast.
  • He was a Christian for over 30 years.
  • His father was an atheist.
  • Rumor has it he likes logic.
  • G Man usually calls him Cult or Culty, even though Dusty prefers to be called by his real name.
  • He was a model and was on TV before he did YouTube videos.
  • He defended Jaclyn Glenn from some of the hanky panky "I wouldn't subscribe to her, but I would fuck her" comments. It was clearly just a ploy to get in her pants.
  • He said if Jaclyn's boyfriend broke up with her, Dusty would date her.
  • He has lost numerous friends and family members due to his YouTube channel.
  • He was planning to do a crossover with Creationist Cat, but it looks like he...pussied out!
  • At some point he was considering moving back to Mississippi (the worst possible choice anyone in Colorado could make), but eventually came back to his senses after he smoked some pan. Then moved back to Mississippi anyway.
  • He was on a long hiatus of videos while he was taking acid and trying to figure out where his life is going. But he then returned to full-time video making. He has stated his goal is to finally reach a million subs.
  • TJ originally had a poor opinion of Dusty (wanting to hit Dusty with a brick to the head to make him smarter), but later befriended him and featured him on his channel in 2014.
  • How To Annoy A Street Preacher06:39

    How To Annoy A Street Preacher

    He has met Stone Cold Steve Austin on some shit tv show.
  • He considers all black Christians to be uncle tom house negros.
  • He isn't afraid to confront asshole street preachers and call them out for their bullshit.
  • Dusty has a 17 year old girlfriend, but it's legal in his state. Jared Fogle was the former apprentice of Darth Dusty.
  • Made a ton of Illuminati $(1m+) by using a search engine loophole in his 20s, according to his own site.
  • Due to a hereditary trait on his mother's side, Dusty's hair is whiter than the lines of cocaine Jenny McDermott used to snort (and possibly still does). He would usually dye it, but now doesn't care anymore because he hardly shows his face on YouTube anymore.
  • Dusty ejaculates pure Bubonic plague as stated by TJ on Episode 21.
  • His defense of Jaclyn was probably the only time he has been wrong, and has thus jeopardized his chances of going to hell.
  • Dusty ages 20 years between videos.
  • He is quickly turning into Brett Keane.
  • People he likes can do no wrong.
  • Single-handedly ruined pornography for many by making every video end with a cum shot via an algorithm of his own design.


  • Dusty whilst surrounded by Pan.
  • Dusty seen smoking pan from a giant hollow dildo on the 100th episode special.
  • When Dusty learned his heritage.
  • A drawing of Dusty
  • Dusty showing off his paintball guns.
  • MLG Dusty
  • CultOfDusty Fan Art
  • Channel Icon
  • Vs. G Man


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