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His likeness. Don't sue!

Drunken Pheasants, also jokingly called "Toehead" by the Drunken Peasants is a minor fan of the podcast and was a fairly usual chat dweller. He was referenced early on in the Drunken Peasants' career, being seen as nuisance as he had tricked stupid fans into adding his account instead of the real Peasants' on Skype.

Drunken Pheasants eventually proved useful to the hosts when he began to mark important events from the episode in the comment section and the Peasants thanked him for his efforts. Now however with the introduction of the highly professional and diligently fact checked Drunken Peasants Wiki ToeHead has practically fallen off the face of the earth and no one even noticed he was gone. ToeHead was last seen drunkenly stumbling into a crusty motel 8 with a bottle of rum and a shotgun with piranhas for bayonets.

He has also been responsible for several questions and "Hey Scotty" videos sent to the show.

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