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"Here on the official ԀP Wiki, we live, breathe, eat, and smoke Drunken Peasants each and every day as a passion, built from the ground up by dedicated fans of the podcast, we deliver the information to you in a satirical manner. Take up the banana and join us in our quest to collect everything ԀP."
The founder of the ԀP wiki[src]

Being an amazing wiki, the Drunken Peasants Podcast Wiki is obviously staffed by amazing individuals (or just one really to be honest).

The ԀP Wiki is currently maintained by a faculty of 14 users: 1 active founder, 6 active admins, and 4 active moderator, 1 semi-active admin, and 1 inactive admin, Revolutionary Socialist, who was thought to be dead for a while but he came back after a trip to Cuba, then died again. We also currently honor two very key members of this wiki who helped shape it from the beginning, or damn near it, as honorary founders. The two in question are Bullshit Police and Fralab.

Even though we stridently look down upon attention whores as evidenced by the very content on this wiki, we here at the wiki are actually the most whorish people encountered by ԀP in existence. We're very attentive about our recognition by ԀP and its associates that we cum our pants whenever the wiki is mentioned on the podcast and feel the need to write about it on the wiki.

DP Wiki Sagas

"Why do I run the DP Wiki? Because I value the podcast and I care about its community."
― The Gerudo Dragon when asked why he started the DP Wiki by some bitch.[src]

Humble Beginnings

The wiki was founded in the 28th of January, 2015 by only three faggots: The Fancy Badger, FRA675 and Bullshit Police (the former two later both changed their names to The Gerudo Dragon and Fralab respectively). They were originally members of the previous wiki, but had to leave to form one that was devoid of any trolls and pencil-dicked cunts that ruined the other.

DP twitter icon

The official logo for the wiki.

In only the next four months, the trio was joined by a sexy new team of admins including John McCain, Eggs Rank, Socialist Communist Marxist (later Revolutionary Socialist), Sharkfang and finally some dirty trampstamp. That last addition was probably the best thing to happen to the wiki as the quality of its content improved exponentially then after. She was then later declared the official Queen bike of the Wiki. Bullshit Police was then tired of all the people being appointed admin that it was decided that they'd stop promoting people willy-nilly.[1]

Through ethical journalism and non-stop pan jokes, they DP'd ԀP.


Suddenly in May 19 - out of nowhere - two cocksuckers brutally murdered Bullshit Police in cold blood. The reasoning for this was apparently because of violations against wiki guidelines, but we all know what it really is; it was fascism.

His sudden death wounded the morale of the remaining admins and some even reconsidered whether he should go on. They then got over it after a week or so.

The Death of Sharkfang

He fucked Jenny McDermott and was never seen again.

A Humble Request

John McCain, at that time still disguised a liberal, asked the Drunken Peasants to change the entire show in an open letter. He recruited a bunch of other gullible sheep to hate the podcast and help him write the letter. He was later shrekt in a video response by TJ, which was featured on a private show.

Little did the other staff members know that John McCain was plotting to turn the wiki into a hub for his own rhetoric, making articles about things thought up on his acid trips. Humor mostly consisting of Photoshopping the heads of him and his friends onto celebrities and the kind of jokes you would hear on Fox News.

The Shepvolution


The Wiki Staff when Shepherd joined their ranks.

In February of 2016, The False Shepherd, a long time DP Wiki Veteran, was promoted to admin. Gerudo Dragon and TJ Kirk agreed to promote him after timely recommendation by LanceCplThomas, the token faggot. This revolutionary event has been named the Shepvolution.

The Wiki Staff were traumatized by the baddassery that False committed in his first acts as admin. Until this day they have never recovered. The crater left behind by the massive impact has now been filled in with water, creating the Great Lakes.

False has led the wiki staff across the universe in a grand tour of his domain, traveling at speeds that broke the autism barrier three times over.

The Situation


A picture of former staff member John McCain after he got rekt by The Gerudo Dragon. One of the last surviving records of the DP Wiki situation.

A New Hope


The peasants destroy a John McCain loyalist during the last night of the situation.

Shortly after the situation, balance returned the the DP Wiki, new staff who are all loyal fans of the podcast have been recruited by The Gerudo Dragon, who was able to save the wiki from John McCain. Shortly after, over two hundred pages of bullshit was purged from the wiki including pages like the infamous Carlton Banks.

Now we're fine and we have plenty of admins and don't need anymore so anyone who thinks they can climb the ladder by doling out tons of edits and become an admin will have more luck ejaculating a pensioner's cock (unless some of current ones leave, then maybe we'll consider it).

Members (The Drunken Circle)


Image Name Position Time Status Sign
FoxyGanon The Gerudo Dragon Founder / Edgelord of the DP Wiki Jan 28, 2015 - Present Active

Senior Admins

Image Name Position Time Status Sign
Bad chooses make bad decisions PROMO artwork Eggs Rank Admin / DP Wiki Royalist March 28, 2015 - Present Active 鸡蛋
AvatarL LanceCplThomas Admin / Carlin Apologist April 9 , 2015- Present Being TJ's bitch 智人


Image Name Position Time Status Sign
Scull SkullandBones Admin / slut April 8, 2015 - Present Active 女人
PSX 20160219 052442 FalseShepherd Swagmasta / The DP Wiki Autist April 23, 2015 - Present Watching animu trash 宇宙的主宰
InnosflewPic Innosflew Admin / Paid shill of the Illuminati May 7 , 2015 - Present Active 匈牙利
Dr balanced SwordofStorms Admin / Memelord June 24, 2015 - Present Active 自閉症の主


Image Name Position Time Status Sign
Johnlennonstaffpicture Stevoawesome Chief Moderator / Pacifist December 28, 2015 - Present Spreading peace and love 和平
11827997 MasteroftheWastes Moderator / Cuck April 28, 2015 - Present Active 白色的人
Kod6TTpK 400x400 MasterOFSchnitzel Moderator / Irish May 4, 2015 - Present Active 香肠
Kyonchiaki Sky Clad Observer Moderator / Genius October 7, 2015 - Present Fucking Himself 巨大的
David-bowie-06 Gatack Moderator / Faggot December 23. 2015 - Present Watching dP 24/7 同性
Sinistra Sinistra Henry Hades Moderator / Sorcerer January 22, 2016 - Present Creating Bioweapons 连环杀手


Image Name Position Time Status Sign
Alqaeda Bullshit Police Former Admin / DP Wiki Legend Jan 28, 2015 - May 19, 2015 Deceased 胡说八道
Sexynigga Fralab Admin / Supreme Nigga Jan 28, 2015 - Present Computer in Anus 黑人
Image-1428493599 Revolutionary Socialist Admin / Resident Communist April 3, 2015 - Present Missing in Action 共产


Image Name Position Time Status Sign
BenStonedSquare DrunkenBen Ben February 4, 2015 - Present Pops in every now and then 天主教徒
100px JTKRAK TJ March 31, 2015 - Present Pops in practically never バナナ
UglyPaul PaulsEgo Paul September 11, 2015 - Present Being the one true Scotsman ラード

Former Staff

Former Admins

Image Name Position Time Status Sign
Cute anime drawing center Sharkfang Renowned Satirist, Legendary Debater, Unparalleled Empiricist April 4, 2015 - August 13, 2015 Deceased [2] Kaptilo

Former Moderators

Image Name Position Time Status Sign
MoonLanderPic Moon Lander Future Foreseer Feb 7 , 2015 - October 15, 2015 Inactive 叛徒
PeanutsPic PeanutsGrowOnTrees Ho May 4, 2015 - May 23, 2015 Inactive 花生

The Drunken Constitution

The following is a set of general rules and guidelines for being a productive member of the Drunken Peasants Wiki.

1. Don't be an asshole.

This wiki is firmly in support of insults in the name of good fun. However, we do not support any sort of doxxing, harassment, illegal activity, etc. We also do not support taking your foul garbage to other wikis.

Also, Wikia doesn't allow nudity, so don't post your porn shit on here unless you want to be banned.

2. Cooperate with admins.

The admins on the wiki are far from infallible, but we tend to know more about the wiki than the average user. It makes things easier for everyone, including yourself, if you work with us. If you really think an admin is being unfair, contact the founder, the arbiter of fairness.

Also, if you have an idea for a major overhaul to a page, please clear it with an admin first.

3. Use proper grammar.

Something that the wiki has a huge problem with is shitty spelling, run-on sentences, and overall mediocre English. You don't have to be a scholar, but please at least receive a second grade education before attempting to add content to the wiki.

4. Leave the infrastructure alone.

Unless you have something awesome that can only be done in source code, please leave these things to the professionals. More often than not, inexperienced users unintentionally leave pages in shambles when they mess with these things.

5. Category policy.

Only add categories if they truly relevant to the page. Don't add irrelevant categories just because you think it's funny.

Also, do not add non-existent categories to pages, don't create new categories and don't add categories to user pages. If you want a new category on the wiki please request it at an admin.

The violation of any of these category policies counts as a category abuse which is harshly punished on this wiki due to our past dealings with frequent category abusers.

6. Page policy.

Don't create a page without asking permission from an admin or a mod.

Pages have to be relevant to the Drunken Peasants Podcast somehow. For example, being featured on the show, or frequent mentions on the show, or related in some other form. (e.g. “On DP”, “On AA”, “On CC”, and "On H&J” etc.)

A few pages that are not DP related are allowed on the wiki if they are funny and/or informative, but the allowance of those pages have to be discussed by the admins first.

7. Don't abuse the chat.

The chat exists for people to use, but at the end of the day, remember that this is a Drunken Peasants wiki, not a vessel for your drama or shitposting. If you have something interesting to share or talk about, great. If you want to bitch about something that you don't think any of us care about, kindly do it elsewhere.

8. Involuntary servitude.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

That's pretty much it. If you adhere to these guidelines, you probably won't have any problems here. Have a blessed day, faggots.


If you have good photoshop skills (or even shitty ones as visible below) and want to make a silly/disturbing/homoerotic piece of art involving any members of staff, feel free to post it here

  • Lance and Gerudo on a recruitment drive.
  • On the prowl.
  • The Wiki on an average day.
  • The founder (left) and two of his bitches ( right and center).
  • Lance, Fancy, and Shep getting ready to set sail.
  • Fancy taking matters into his own hands.
  • False after he got promoted.
  • False Shepherd on an average day.


  • History is written by the victors.
  • The Gerudo Dragon and Fralab have been on the wiki for the longest (Over a year).
  • 2 admins, The Gerudo Dragon and Eggs Rank, have earned the The Golden Breasts/The Zayn Hussein Award 5 times. SkullandBones earned it 3 times and Fralab and Bullshit Police, have both earned it 2 times. Revolutionary Socialist has none as of yet (get one, motherfucker!)
  • The only thing worse than our sense of humor is SkullandBones' photoshop abilities.
  • Our wiki ranked number 2 at one point. Pretty fuckin' impressive. We're currently ranked just under 300.[3]


Our primary method of interacting with fans of the wiki is through our twitter accounts. Feel free to contact any of the following for support regarding the site.



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