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Over 400 people actually paid over 15 dollars for this.

Dinoaur is a non-canine created by God and Jim Ass when they had hot anal sex in heaven and is actually an old lizard that always grows according to Right Wing Watch. Paleontologist Jim Ass has observed and documented the Dinoaur species for years. The Dinoaur's discovery was first unveiled to the fucking universe in Episode 170. In Episode 179, Jim Ass revealed that a small Jesus is riding it, but this information has not been confirmed by legitimate sources. It is said that Jesus rode Dinoaur in to battle against terrorism in ancient China and India, as the terrorists were attempting to kill the ancestor of Gail, Emperor Kangxi. Today Dinoaur stars in shows like Game of Thrones, How I met your mother, Black-ish, the Backyardigans, and who can forget Backyard pounding with co-star Emma Watson.

Etymology: The name of the genus Dinoaurus is derived from Greek δεινός (deinos, meaning "terrible", "potent", or "fearfully great") and Latin aurum (meaning "gold").

Morphology: Symmetry of the Dinoaur is dubious and can't be confirmed thanks to the lack of evidence. There are two possibilities which can be deduced from the picture. It's either bilateral or asymmetric. The craniocaudal axis is dubious because of the uniformity of it's epidermis and consequent lack of depth.

The detail on the top right of the organism is speculated to be a statocyst, though some researches believe it to be an eye; there is no evidence either way.

Taxonomy: The genus Dinoaurus encompasses one species (Dinoaurus enigmaticus) The higher taxonomy is unknown and has been placed under incertae sedis.

In the legendary episode: The New And Improved Drunken Peasants Podcast, Jim Ass's avatar changed, the Dinoaur was equipped with a fully functional Jesus Christ, and the moment afterward, it shifted to a portrait of The Crigilant Vistian in his Illuminati meetup.

This can be explained in two ways

1. Jim Ass was forced at gunpoint to get along with Paul, this lead him to morph between his Dark and Light sides of his souls.

2. Fuck you, Dinoaur works at Papa Johns now! Dinoaur also calls John Papa because he wants to be spanked by him.


  • Paul has named his dog Dinoaur
  • The shirt is extremely popular. That's right, people actually payed fucking money for a shirt with a picture of a badly drawn dinosaur masterpiece that was drawn by a talking Donkey.

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