The Democratic Party (also called the DEMONcratic Party as well as the Communist Party) is a party full of godless communists who rape babies and kill good god-fearing Americans.[1] It is a requirement for all Democrats to vote at least 30 times in every election. The Czar of the Democratic Party is Baraq Hussein Bin Laden Obama.


Originally, the Founding Fathers intended their party to be the only political party in America. However, when George Washington died fighting the Great T-Rex War in space, the Democrats were founded as a pro-slavery party to combat Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.

From that day forward, the Democrats have supported slavery as an official platform. Over in Europe, Karl Marx invented Communism which too was added to the Democratic Party's platform. The rise of the Democratic Party came at the beginning of the Hippie Movement and desegregation. From that day forward, America suffered a terrible twenty years of Liberal rule which all but destroyed the nation if Ronald Reagan hadn't stepped in and saved everything.

However, with the election of Czar Baraq Hussein Bin Laden Obama, the Democratic Party has been able to stamp out all freedom from America and begin the seven trillion years of darkness.
George and the T-Rex War

The truth the Libtards want to oppress.


If you are:



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