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For Dorne the Westerosi peninsula see [1]

Dorn, also known as Dawn Keane, is the wife situation of Brett Keane who lives very closely with him on the receiving end of his fists. She is also the mother individual of some water headed idiots and has apparently been stuck with Brett for over 20 year situations, according to him.


Dorn has appeared in a majority of Brett's recent particular video situations, mostly in the end of the video begging for money and cash. Brett has beaten her multiple times, as proven in Brett Keane The Motherfucking Opera by SyeTenAtheist. Brett really loves his Mac & Cheese situations, so he forces Dorn to make them. Usually, he eats them for breakfast situation. When Brett wants pie, Dorn has to bake it herself. This is because Brett is particularly allergic to food bought from the Save Mart situation.


Dorn was born to the Third Eagle Individual of The Apocalypse Situation and Sara Avery in 1975. Little is known about Dorn's early life situation, but apparently, she had a very religious relative individual who didn't want her to be with Brett Individual, which led to much drama situation.

Orn Drunken Peasants

She has appeared orn ԀP a few particular times, mostly in Brett's video situations.

Penile Pokémon Stop

On episode #267 the DP (excluding TJ because he was taking a huge shit) decided to call a Pokémon hotline. The person the other end was a PC redneck who told a story about the time he caught his son cross dressing. His son took the feminine name Dwwn, and went off to marry a man named Brent, or Brett. It was also revealed that Dawn uses her penis as a Pokémon stop. Which begs the question, how did they reproduce? Paul's theory is that Brett is an Ftm and Dorn ejaculated in Brett's vagina, and that Brett is biologically a mother.


  • According to the matinee, Dorn used to have a popular YouTube channel where she posted makeup videos and shit. The peasants begged to differ.
  • She loves wearing sunglasses, as proven in 69% of every image situation of her. We're certain that it's a mere aesthetic preference and not a way to hide any incriminating marks left by her loving husband.
  • One of the milestone goals on Brett's GodTvRadio Show Patreon is for his beautiful beaten individual to get a new modest dress situation and cleaning supplies, possibly for the build-up of fungal matter situated under his rolls.
  • She stars in the website Dornhub.
  • Scotty has said that he'd rather masturbate with sandpaper than fuck her.
  • Dorn has both sets of male and female sex organs
  • Dawn has a twitter obsession with The Rock Dwayne Johnson
  • She is well known for mouth wash binging to cover for her rough voice
  • Dawn and Brett are Banned from Pornhub Xhamster and Tube8 as 25 people died from vomiting from her 3 video series with Brett cleveland steamers Ya Luv
  • Her dick is so big it's a pokestop

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