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—Dawah Man talking to his son.

Imran Ibn Mansur is a Muslim YouTuber who operates under the alias Dawah Man. He is possibly best known for calling atheists to drink their father's sperm in order to prove that atheists have no morals even though there is nothing inherently immoral about drinking your dad's sperm. He is the son of Muhammad, and is the most recent rape victim of his uncle, Osama.

Early Life and Education

Born to a wealthy family in Baghdad in the year 1945, Dawah Man was likely the cause of Adolf Hitler's suicide, as Addie was completely unable to cope with the retardation that emerged from his birth. He was trained by his father Muhammad in Jihadi Warfare, but ran away from home after Muhammad forced him to drink his sperm.

Living in the frontier was difficult for young Imran, for there is literally nothing in the Middle East. Luckily, he met Omar Sharif, filming on location for Lawrence of Arabia, and traveled to Britain with a rescue team. From there, he began preaching the word to the filthy infidels, always remembering his father's lessons in how to prepare the perfect beverage for your kids.


Dawah Man was featured in Episode 47 of the Drunken Peasants. He also harassed Lawrence Krauss after his debate with his Jihadi brethren. Krauss did his best to ignore Dawah's incessant rambling about stupid shit, and only acknowledged his presence for a brief moment.

Creationist Cat

Dawah Man claims to be a big fan of Josh Feuerstein's anti-atheist videos, but still finds fault in the fact that Josh is a Christian. He made a video where two of his awkward friends sat next to him and he talked about how Christianity is an insult to God because it is says that God can use the bathroom. Creationist Cat responded to this by informing Dawah Man that he was full of shit, unlike Jesus, who could perform a "poop miracle". Creationist Cat used Dawah Man's arguments against him by saying "Allah has no dick". After this epic pwnage, Dawah Man was never seen again. It is assumed that he suicide bombed out of shame.


Islam - The Religion of Peace-004:32

Islam - The Religion of Peace-0

Dawah Man in a nutshell.

  • "It forcefully copulates. In other words... It rapes!" - warning the world of Roosh V
  • "Of course there's a problem!" - on pedophilia (that's not committed by Muhammad)
  • "Forgive me for painting this picture." - before drawing Muhammad
  • "Very disgusting. Should be locked away, slapped in the face." - on Brett Keane
  • "If he didn't take a dump, he would die." - on Bubba the Black Jesuit



  • Being sexy.
  • Dawah Man getting ass raped.
  • Thug Life.
  • Remember: if your videos have graphics, your arguments are automatically right.
  • Dawah Man in his new cooking show Aloha Snackbar.



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