David Robert Jones, known as David Bowie was the name of a very famous individual. Born Margret Mary Jones and Haywood Stenton Jones in Brixton where he grew up and developed his interest in music. He was a poor mother fucker because England didn't have a good Socialist leader like Bernie Sanders, only some old tosser who sits on a throne. He was an atheist situation and even made music mocking the Catholic church with the single The Next Day on his twenty fourth studio album The Next Day. He is now thought to be a flip flopping Christian because of the lyric "Look up here, I'm in Heaven." from his song Lazarus.


On episode 196, the Peasants played a video of Steve Shives, bitching about how people shouldn't be so sad about his death because he "raped" a 15-year-old girl back in the 70's, but that is just because he watched Labrinyth and got that idea.

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