"There used to be a man on every corner, and he would yell at you how much gas cost!"
—Ben imitating the crazy black guy talking about the robot takeover.
Crossfire was an American television show that leeched off the fame of the hype board game of the same name. It got cancelled in the 80's but was brought back in 2013. It was cancelled again after a year because it was absolutely terrible.

S.E. Cupp Is Still Crazy - John Boehner Is Orange - And Much More! DPP 32

One of crossfires appearances on the show.

It featured "debates" between conservatives and liberals. On the conservative side was S.E. Cupp, who reportedly sucked over 9,000 dicks for the job, and professional scumfuck Newt Gingrich.[1] The liberal side featured some black guy named Van Jones who thought robots were taking over all of society. It was a regular feature early on DP before it was cancelled.



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