New "Crazy People" Segment Intro - The Drunken Peasants00:20

New "Crazy People" Segment Intro - The Drunken Peasants

The new Crazy People Segment intro.

The Crazy People Segment is a newer segment of ԀP used to showcase all the online lunatics discovered by the peasants. Although this has technically been going on for a while, it has only recently become it's own official segment, with an intro. Frequent "victims" of the segment include Gail Chord Schuler, G Man, The Vigilant Christian, and Brett Keane, among others.

This segment first officially premiered in Episode 149, along with it's fan-made intro. In Episode 167, a new intro for the segment was unveiled and has since replaced the old one. Beginning in Episode 239, a new intro for the Crazy People Segment was broadcast. It was made by
"Crazy People" Segment Intro - The Drunken Peasants00:13

"Crazy People" Segment Intro - The Drunken Peasants

The original intro.

YouTube user Daniel Latue, the creator of the original Crazy People intro.

The Crazy People of The Crazy People Segment

The following is a list of the completely mentally stable individuals featured in the original intro:

And this is a list of the unbelievably intelligent, well adjusted individual situations featured in the second and current intro (in order of appearance):

Ben has (as of late) decided not to always show the matinée. You never know when the Situation will show up. This has been particularly scary for many indavidhuls.


  • The original intro was made by YouTuber and fan, Daniel Latue.[1]



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