Drunken Peasants Craigslist Ads segment intro00:08

Drunken Peasants Craigslist Ads segment intro

The intro.

The Crazy Craigslist Ads are a ԀP segment in which the peasants read ads from Craigslist that are 100% of the time related to sexual favours made by horny bastards, the ads are often sexual solicitations. Every ad must be automatically believed to be true.

List of People Who Read Ads


  • This segment first appeared on Episode 123AlphaOmegaSin read some ads and the intro was first played on Episode 145.
  • PaulsEgo and other guests have often been known to read the ads.
  • The hosts and guests often read the ads with comedic voices.
  • The peasants have suggested the Zaunstar read some ads in the future, as his monotone voice is the perfect fit.

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