TJ Kirk
Communism is the socio-economic philosophy based on the works of Karl Marx and other 19th century fucks. Communism proposes that capitalist society is divided into the sects: Proletariat and Bourgeoisie (Workers and Employers). The basis is that the Proletariat are oppressed/exploited by the Bourgeoisie and are given only enough compensation for work as to sustain them. Communism is intended to work in phases with the Bourgeoisie's overthrow by the Proletariat and the establishment of a socialist state.

Communism is owned by the [Wiley|spawn of Satan], who calls himself Bernie Sanders. He wants to take away freedom, and wants to kill anyone who makes over 50,000 dollars a year. In addition, he wants to give the [Keane|homeless] everything for free.


  • Despite being less than two centuries old it is, by most counts, the best ideology of all time.


  • Every Communist's dream.

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