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"The answer to male supremacy is not female supremacy. The answer is equality. Mutual regard and respect. Let's try that."
―Christina espousing her internally-misogynistic views.[src]

Christina Hoff Sommers (also known as The Factual Feminist) is a writer, MILF and former philosophy professor from the American Enterprise Institute known for criticizing ideas touted by mainstream feminists, donning the name "freedom feminist". [1]


She was first featured in Episode 42, Part 2 in a video of hers about women in gaming.[2] The Drunken Peasants didn't really listen to her, disappointing their audience, but TJ said at the end that he pretty much agreed with her even though they found her boring. They initially assumed she was a mainstream tumblr feminist.

Then, she was featured in Episode 110 of DP in a interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News after a speech she made at Georgetown University about sexual assault on campuses was met with alarm from college students including protests, trigger warnings and even safe zones. She was quick to rationalize the threats made against her, unlike some other popular feminists.

TJ tried to get her on the show on April 21 of 2015 by first asking her via Twitter[3], and then by email[4]. She originally accepted, but then declined because her friends told her not to[5][6], despite the fact she said herself she wanted to go on. TJ ranted in the Episode 110 post-show that Christina should have disregarded her friends' advice as they shouldn't dictate what she does, explained his desire for at least a better explanation, and said that an outright rejection of the offer would have been more acceptable to him.


  • GamerFags refer to her as Based Mom.
  • The Gerudo Dragon and Ryan Wiley had a dispute over Twitter about Sommers' classification as a feminist.
  • MrRepzion wishes she was his mother.
  • Christina has said TJ is funny and "often on target with gender topics." [7]
  • She also has known about TJ since at least April 2014, before the beginning of GamerGate. [8]
  • Ben suggested in Episode 132 that Christina's friends who discouraged her from coming on DP are probably from Prager University.

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