Christiano brothers
"In 1979 I was attending Arkansas State University and I met a girl," says Dave. "We started dating and very early in our relationship she asked me if I had ever asked Jesus Christ to come into my life. At the time I had no idea what she was talking about."
―One of the Christiano Brothers claiming that they had never heard of Jesus Christ in 1970s America.[src]

One of their youth films.

The Christiano Brothers are the creators of the Christian propaganda film Second Glance, which contained the "Hey Scotty, Jesus Man" scene which birthed the whole popular meme revolving around it. They clearly don't understand Fair Use laws as they (or a representative of them) have taken down many parodies and clips of their popular scene and even filed copyright claims against the show itself for utilizing the meme. They've also taken down videos pertaining to their latest movie, A Matter of Faith.


The Christiano Brothers have been discussed multiple times on the show, such as Episode 122, due to them throwing a gear in the production of the show.

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