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"Ching Chong, Ding Dong, Fried Rice."
—Ancient Chinese Proverb
China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC, which also stands for Pan Rules China) is a nation in Asia. It is full of a fuckton of people and is the most populated nation on Earth. The capital is Panjing and the largest city is Shang-high.


  • Mao Zedong created this great country, and is objectively the best dictator leader of any modern civilization in history due to his flawless actions.
  • They don't form lines in China; they just shove to the front like a bunch of animals.
  • This is the most livable country in the world according to North Korea.
  • It's pretty much all of Asia that's relevant in world politics. What a great representation of eastern politics.
  • They took our jerbs. Luckily, when the one true God becomes president, he will kill all 1.2 billion ugly fucking reds.
  • All Asians are Chinese
  • The Chinese eat dogs. How disgusting. Why can't they be like normal people and eat just as sentient pigs instead?
  • China has too much fucking pollution.

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