CapnOawesome (real name Kevin) is a former staunch atheist YouTuber who was one of the first Atheist YouTubers to use shock value tactics in his videos. He is egotistical, and kinda arrogant. He was known for his "Pantless revolution" and pwning somebody named VioletKitty411. He's a perfect example of the clusterfuck that was the YouTube Atheist community in 2006-2007.


A video by an older, milder CapnOawesome was featured in Episode 128 where he talked about where he's been and what he did after leaving YouTube.

What happened to capnoawesome07:27

What happened to capnoawesome


CapnOawesome and Fake Sagan were rivals on YouTube, but CapnOawesome gave up trying to fight Case. He later posted a video of him and Case's girlfriend, Oshun, fucking. Throughout the video, he has this evil look on his face.

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