"The savage Canadians invade Michigan... raping and pillaging."
Ben during Episode 214.
"Blame Canada, of course."
Scotty Kirk
Canada, also known as America's bad haircut, is a far-left totalitarian state located in North America. The capital capitol of Canada is Ottawa.

Canadian Life

Canadian Alphabet00:26

Canadian Alphabet

Canadian life is a harsh one. Everyday Canadians are forced to suck dick for money at 5 AM EST and cannot eat anything outside of fake Canadian "bacon", poutine, and suckle maple syrup from the breasts in the nether regions of pan-bellied pigs...

Rumor has it that niggers don't even get lynched when they steal watermelons in Canada, although these accusations have not yet been confirmed. To give credit where credit is due, Canadians have done a pretty good job at keeping niggers out.

The People of Canada

The "people" of Canada are the bane of America and the western world. They are considered fauna by the EPA, and very dangerous by the CDC. Canada has molded gems such as Justin Bieber, The Vigilant Christian, TJ Fucks Things, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Anita Sarkeesian, and Rob Ford.

Canadians are also forced to pay their government their hard earned Canadian dollars under the code-name "Healthcare" or they pay the price. Many speculations exist as to what the money is for, however some evidence points to the Canadian military breeding giant beavers in order to fuck the Queen's pussy.

They also say "out" and "about" funny. I mean, what's that ABOOT, eh?

General Opinion of Canada

This can be pretty much be summed up thusly:
Fuck Canada00:04

Fuck Canada

Podcast Chart Rankings

When the Drunken Peasants posted audio recordings of their podcast to iTunes, they reached the highest rank in the Total Podcast Downloads chart in Canada. Experts attribute this success to Scotty's censorship of Canadian media. The Drunken Peasants plays over public loudspeakers at all times in Canadian cities.

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