Bullet of truthtem2
"So, alright, recently a chubby heathen reprobate who likes to stick bananas up his rectum that goes by the name of the 'Amazing Atheist'... Ha, yeah, more like the 'Amazing YouTube Clown' tried to take a shot at one of my videos."
—Trying to be clever.
Bullet of Truth is a Christian YouTuber who proclaims that femdom BDSM is satanic because it puts women in a position of dominance. He is also a notorious liar, who will shameless try to defend his lies, even when he's been caught red-handed. Basically, he's an Arab Brett Keane. BOT also has an uncanny inability to tell the difference between a serious comment and a joke.

He was featured in Episode 107 of the Drunken Peasants and made a response video where he repeatedly dissed TJ and has espoused great bits of wisdom, evidenced in the quotes below.

"Femdom BDSM is EVIL!" Says Random Lunatic (DP)07:56

"Femdom BDSM is EVIL!" Says Random Lunatic (DP)


"When one opens themselves to certain kinds of music, they also open the door to the spiritual, and the spiritual forces out there. Forces beyond our realm, such as demons and and evil spirits, and can even become demon possessed."
—Trying to compare rock music to Satan worship.
"The lyrics of their songs do nothing but glorify Satan and appeal to the lusts of the flesh."
—A sane man in action.
"Yes video games ARE Satan's attempt at mind control!"
—Mario is Satanic.
"Demons are fallen angels who rebelled against the most high Creator, and look for bodies of humans to possess and heavily influence, and in some cases take almost full control of (demonized)."
—Totally making up his own shit not found in The Bible.

Pinnacle of Rationalism

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.02.16 PM

One can observe Bullet of Truth's YouTube channel uploads page to discover the pinnacle of rationality.

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