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"Lick my butthole!"
— Bubba the Black Jesuit to Hugh Jackman, from Jesus: The Eternal Bridegroom
Bubba the Black Jesuit is a big, morbidly black, juicy Jesuit who formerly worked at the Jesuit Homosexual Compound in San Francisco prior to its destruction.



It is assumed that Bubba is not really gay, but has begun having sex with men as he has given up on finding an attractive girlfriend. Much like The Beast. However, Gail has confirmed that he's indeed a homosexual. A fringe fan theory says that he was actually indoctrinated to homosexuality by the Red Atheist.

Physical Appearance

According to Brent Spiner, his physical features include elephant legs and numerous balls of fat protruding from his body. Bubba is also morbidly black. In recent weeks, however, reports surfaced that Bubba lost much of his weight after he was ordered to go on a fat farm by the Jesuits, to avoid recognition by Gail's men. The Jesuits reportedly extracted more than 300 pounds of blubber from his body and used it to manufacture several clones.

Removal of more than half of Bubba's fat exposed more than 11 inches of his penis (topping the Iron Sheik's 10 inch cock), as measured by the Jesuits. [1] However, as the rest of his blubber deposits had been left intact, Bubba's full penile length is estimated to be more than 20 inches, dwarfing the already massive cocks of Vladimir Putin(15 in) and Brent Spiner(18 in).

Bubba's Fist

Bubba's Fist were an Elite Task Force, hand picked by Bubba himself, They are the indaviduals responsible for the rape of Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Jirard Butler, and Others. They were killed in the Church of Gail Air strike, and were replaced with Bubba's Clone Army.The one surviving member (formerly) was Bubba's Ginger Boyfriend. He managed to survive by being shielded by Bubba's ass, protecting him from the blast. Bubba was world renowned for his ability to shit vast quantities of feces into his victim's mouths. However, ten indaviduals survived this torture, received medical attention, were brainwashed, and cybernetically enhanced, this gave them the power to overpower Church Of Gail Icons such as Brett Spiner.


Bubba is a main character in Jesus: The Eternal Bridegroom by Gail Chord Schuler. He was formerly a major figure at the Jesuit Homosexual compound, before it was destroyed

In December 2011, he raped Hugh Jackman at the Homosexual Compound, forcing him to lick his butthole dressed as a little girl, and subsequently took a shit on his face. He was presumed dead after the compound was bombed by the Church of Gail.

Somehow, Bubba survived the destruction of the Homosexual Compound. Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler later found him on a date with a ginger while searching for Waldo. On seeing Hugh Jackman, he simply said, "Lick my butthole," resulting in Hugh having a nervous breakdown.

Bubba and his boyfriend witnessed Sara Avery's rampage through San Francisco. During the event, the ginger chased after the weenie truck, and scolded Sara Avery for eating it, but she simply mistook him for ginger bread, and proceeded to eat him. Despite Bubba's best efforts, he was powerless to save the ginger. Despite his evil actions at the Jesuit homosexual compound, Gail's men still pitied him, and attempted to console him.

After these events, Bubba has disappeared, And has not been seen for months, his whereabouts are still unknown. However, It is suspected he returned to the homosexual compound to collect his clone army, as they have since disappeared as well.


  • ''Lick my butthole'' - famous line delivered by Bubba
  • "Now lick the butthole like a good boy." - Bubba to Hugh Jackman
  • "He licked my butthole like no one else could!" - Bubba, mourning his ginger kid


Bubba the Black Jesuit trolls Kaceytron LIVE04:27

Bubba the Black Jesuit trolls Kaceytron LIVE

  • He has tried many times to get Kaceytron to show her butthole so he can lick it.
  • He's a Nazi.[2]
  • It is assumed that he ran the homosexual compound, as the other Jesuits depended on him for leadership and always followed his orders.
  • He makes people lick his butthole.
  • He often dates succulent ginger boys
  • He loves saying lick my butthole.
  • Bubba was previously assumed deceased.
  • He's morbidly black.
  • The only reason Gail hates Bubba is because he is a rapist, not because he is black or gay.
  • Jesuits sent him to a fat farm to lose weight. This sparked a false rumor that his ginger kid boyfriend broke up with him.
  • He had a nervous breakdown when his ginger boyfriend was eaten alive by Sara Avery.
  • He lovingly referred to his Ginger boyfriend as: "Gingerbread."
  • Bubba's voice is about thirteen octaves higher than the average black man.
  • His voice is the way it is presumably because he ingested/injected vast amounts of helium into his body during his childhood.
  • His parents are unknown, he was simply found as a dumpster baby at prom night.
  • He is the missing Garbage pail kid.
  • Bubba is the first Jesuit to receive a Black Card in a decade.
  • TJ stated on the show that he came to the LA meet up




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