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The Brett Keane Song02:46

The Brett Keane Song

The song.

The Brett Keane Segment is a ԀP segment devoted to the Butt King, being that Keane has made and insane amount of videos responding to them. Scotty normally does most of the talking here, as the Butt King's videos make him physically angry and mentally ill.


  • Ben plans to make the intro for this segment himself, using the Brett Keane song.
  • This segment used to be integrated into the Crazy People Segment. As of recently, someone has made an intro which Brett's fapping to the asshole of one of his kinds. Brett still appears in the recent intro of the Crazy People Segment as well (in manatee jump-scare form).
  • In Keane's mind, the entire segment is practically devoted to attacking his family.
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