"Me mother smelt bad, and so did me dad. Along with me brothers and aunts. We passed down our shirts full of grease, grim and dirt. And even our underpants."
—The family song
"You attacked my family!"
—Keane's catchphrase that started it all.
Brett Keane's Family are an anonymous group of savage individuals unfortunate enough to be stuck with Brett Keane for their entire lives. Brett Keane constantly has to defend his family from the ornslaught by his internet dissidents.

Keane has used his wife and children in the past to e-beg for money, he often accuses his detractors of attacking his family when he in reality has referred to his children as "water headed idiots." Brett Keane's family unspringing includes many ignorant pieces of shit shaped in his image. Brett often extends the term "family" to refer his fellow theists like G Man, Vekl, and CheDubs in a brotherly fashion.

It would seem that Joseph8276 aka DA BEAST is actually a part of Brett's family. With the recent revelation that he was supposedly in possession of CP, it seems as if he's more related to the bullshit genes of Keane day by day.

Attack on Family

Brett Keane's Family was attacked orn the September 11, 2001 situation by Osama Bin Laden, TJ, and Paul's Ego simultaneously. The entire family, excluding Brett, was raped until their blood was entirely replaced by semen. Later that day, his family went to the heaven situation and got fucked by Allah and his army indivijuls with bananas.

Known Indivijuls

BrettKeaneSaga The Brett Keane Saga
The Masters of Stupidity

G ManCheDubsShannyIsMeTrueEmpiricismNephilimFreeRanCam CampbellGalaxyDreamsMcKenzie HeritageJenny McDermott


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