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Bobby Jindal is a Kenyanist thug who pretends to be a good old Christian American, but we all know he's a Muslim. His birth certificate says that he was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In reality, he is from the Pakistan and works with ISIS. Somehow, he managed to convince all the good clean Christian Americans in Louisiana this is not the case.

Sex Life

TJ and Bobby have had sex many times. TJ hates to admit it, however, due to his prejudice against Indians.


Bobby frequently states that he wants a theocracy and only "traditional marriage", but we all know he is part of the Illuminati ISIS Kenyanist Boko Haram homosexual army/cult.

He is also a secretly a liberal and has contracted ISISbola.
Bobby Jindal Is Insane07:21

Bobby Jindal Is Insane

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