"We'll do it live! Fuck it! I'll write it and we'll do it live!"
— O'Reilly flips.

Bill O'Reilly is an American conservative commentator on Fox and a professional bullshit-master. He has been criticized previously by TJ on his Amazing Atheist channel, as well as many other atheists.


Some of his bullshit is played on the show as he is a regular conservative punching bag of the peasants. TJ said that he is not that bad compared to the likes of Sean Hannity. Ben commonly, since DP's inception, has used a soundboard of Bill O' Reilly having his "Fuck It!" freak out on the show, usually to dismiss a bullshit video. Bill saying "Fuck It!" even appears in the show's original intro, though it is changed to "Suck It!" in the second one.

On Episode 167 Ben presents a segment in which Bill O'reilly denies the existence of starving children in America. It starts with Bill arguing with a guest over the cost of higher education which transitions into a general discussion on poverty. O'reilly rejects the notion that poor people lack food saying they have big screen TV's and air conditioning. The Peasants ridiculed and laughed at Bill's stupidity.


  • Bill gives professional boob massages.
  • He likes falafel so much that he can eat it while having sex.
  • He's a bisexual. He wants to marry a guy and a babe.



Making his way to the ring..02:39

Making his way to the ring...

He has a badass theme song.

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