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"Welcome to the place where nothing happens, we don't even have tumble weeds."
—BeyondPhere's YouTube channel description.
BeyondPhere, also known as Tits McGee, The Boob Lady and Mounds, is an Australian[1] artist who is most well known for her erotic art. She has submitted several questions to DP, as well as appearing as a guest three times. She is one of the most popular Patreon guests to date.

On Drunken Peasants

BeyondPhere debuted as a guest on episode 115 although her art had been shown on episodes prior. She used the opportunity to introduce the fans to her artwork. While she gave some interesting commentary throughout the episode, she once mentioned that she had a hard time finding an opportunity to speak among such strong personalities.

Phere made her long awaited second appearance during episode 136. Her internet was shit and the peasants assumed she must be on vacation in North Korea. She gave commentary on a Butt King video, an angry black man, an ungrateful brony problem child, some cock gobbling feminists, and Cunt Hovind the bovine.

Phere made her third appearance on episode 164 as a guest for the full episode. They discussed Phere drawing her love for DP on her ass and tits and the sexual tension reached a record high for the podcast. Highlights being her take on Jaclyn Glenn's plagiarism and reading a few stupid ads.

In episode 210, Paul mentioned seeing her vagina situation, and TJ gave her the nickname "mounds".

Political Views

Cultural Appropriation08:03

Cultural Appropriation

Her video on cultural appropriation.

Her political views are mostly unknown, although she is likely a liberal similar to the peasants. She is a supporter of GamerGate and has been very critical of political correctness in the past. This has led credible scientists to postulate that she is most likely a man in disguise or, at the very least, a self-hating woman. She made a video about cultural appropriation in July 2015.


Phere's drawing of DP and their guests.

Attacked by a Large Spider

On November 25, 2015, Phere was alerted to the fact that there was a giant fucking venomous 'Straya spider over her head, during a stream with PaulsEgo.

After much deliberation on her part, she finally put the video of the event on her Youtube.


"Easy to vent like that when you have no spine."
—BeyondPhere's take on Brett Keane.
"I've never seen a Latino."
"...if you don't like that, get someone else to suck your dick!"
—BeyondPhere 2015. 10/10 Best Quote.
"Keen for Keane!"
—BeyondPhere's latest campaign.


  • You couldn't cut the sexual tension between TJ and her with a fucking bowie knife.
  • She prefers drawing women because she finds them more appealing.
  • Her profile picture is based on a beta version of the Bosmer from Elder Scrolls.
  • CPpiYt0UYAAkKKe

    Going the extra mile.

    She praises God everyday that she isn't Canadian.
  • She recently moved out of East Kubumfuck, so there's less deadly spiders.[2]
  • She was the first guest on the [NAME REDACTED].
  • She's seen a latino.[3]
  • She is the author of several fanfics, including Fallout and Skyrim.
  • Her real name is Razorfist J. Offvideo.
  • She considers S.E. Cupp and Jenny McDermott fuckable, provided they don't talk.
  • She once drew I <3 DP above her tits because TJ told her to do it to stick it to Atheism is Unstoppable, because she considers him a twat.
  • She went to the DP meet up in LA, dressed as Velma.
  • Every DP fan at some point has expressed interest in fucking her.
  • The demand for a porno between Mercedes, Phere, Sexmasterka, and Velma is higher than that of the demand for most oil reserves on earth.


  • Her birthday gift to TJ.
  • #AssForDP
  • Proof of her Furryism.
  • Phere's gift to her fans.
  • As if you needed anymore proof she's a furry,
  • "A booty for my waifu!"
  • Hnnnnggggg
  • 'Straya


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