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"Without a doubt, I would rape Karen Straughan if the opportunity ever presented itself."
―It was satire.[src]

Cyrus Kiss (aka Bewildered Ape) is a smarmy Australian YouTuber and complete cockburger who's known for his renowned performance art, satire and being able to create a discourse in the form of blatant trolling and even harassment, whilst aligning himself with those whose "activism" is predicated on stopping harassment. He has criticized Thunderf00t numerous times. Examples of criticisms include: contacting his employers to warn them of Thunderf00t's "genocide advocacy", and baselessly accusing him of making up his father's cancer for financial gain in a point-scoring exercise. When he gets called out on his deplorable actions, he likes to pull the "it's satire" or "I'm just a monkey on the internetz, bitches" along with other half-assed mental gymnastics. At least he has the decency to pick an appropriate online persona before he flings shit on the internet.

Like with Thunderf00t, he has also made a video about trying to contact Devon Tracey's employers allegedly at Pixar to get him fired for his racism. But probably more so because Racist Roo bruised his ego in a video response war or dared to call his fair equine lady a bitch one too many times. Either way, let them fight!

Two Peabrains in a Pod


Unlike most chimpanzees, Bewildered Ape's natural habitat is Jenny McDermott's comment section where he takes on the role as her ultimate keyboard warrior. Trust me. If you call her out on her bullshit or even do something that might be construed as a threat to her logic, he'll jump to her defense. He is exceedingly desperate to get in her pants, but we all know it'll never happen. Jenny's on a mission to find the perfect male specimen to fertilize her eggs so she and the other lizard people can take over Earth.

Contrary to common belief, Bewildered Ape isn't actually her white knight, but rather the embodiment of her massive ego. He's constantly reassuring her that she's always in the right and that everyone else is always wrong. Constantly enabling and encouraging her self destructive narcissistic personality disorder until the inevitable day that it gets her thrown into a padded room with a clean white coat. Without him, she'd probably have to learn from her actions and embrace the dark abyss that is reality.

Their silver bullet to any and all bullshit they get called out on is to basically say "just kidding" or in this case, "performance art". This apparently includes defamation, harassment and other misdemeanors, but because it's "performance art", it's automatically legal to these sociopaths.


Bewildered Ape was briefly mentioned in episodes 83 and 123 concerning all the shit he did.Bewildered Ape appeared in Episode 153 at the start of Jenny's video about Dick Coughlan. Bewildered Ape later appeared in Episode 161 in Brett Keane's video after he and Jenny befriended him... for about ten seconds before Brett betrayed them, naturally. 

Another great example of stupidity.


Flatmates - series 1, ep 3 - Toilet Paper01:12

Flatmates - series 1, ep 3 - Toilet Paper

Bewildered Ape's "comedy" series, almost as bad as Jenny's videos

  • Despite hanging out with the SJW club, he doesn't identify as one. Since Jenny likes to label others MRAs even if they don't identify as such, then Bewildered Ape's an SJW. Suck it, horsey.
  • He's made a death threat in the past.
  • His one-sided feud with Thunderf00t is a little ironic considering Phil is known for criticizing creationists and is being attacked by a monkey.
  • His letter to Thundef00t's employer was meant as "performance art". This actually somewhat inspired Laughing Witch's campaign to get Thunderf00t fired.
  • If he doesn't respond to at least 10 YouTube comments badmouthing Jenny every hour, he flagellates himself out of penance.
  • Apparently he's buds with Brett Keane.
  • He scripts Jenny's YouTube videos. Figures a monkey of all things would script her shitty vids.


  • Reminder, folks: If you're gonna comment on Jenny's videos, make sure to suck her dick at the same time or you might end up looking like a cunt.
  • Being called out on his death threat
  • Because exploiting someone's personal life is the same as due process during a rape accusation. Impeccable logic m8
  • One of his many weak-ass retorts. She's not gonna fuck you, dude.
  • The aforementioned death threat.
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