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In real life, about to shred his guitar for the masses.

"Like tits and cats!"
—Berserkyd in response to a fan rightly acknowledging his music as awesome.
Berserkyd (real name Pascal Mimeault[1]) is a Canadian Punk/Metal/Rock artist from Montmagny, Quebec. He is also an avid gamer, which has served as the inspiration for many of his songs.


He is responsible for composing the current theme for the show, as well as the break music. He did not create his music specifically for the show, although he has expressed his appreciation of DP expanding his audience and interacts positively with fans of the podcast.

His music was replaced by that of Sex Twister for a while, although they are now more often rotated out to appease fans of both.

Featured Music


  • Ben is a fan of his music, which led to his work being used on the show.
  • His first language is French.
  • He is subscribed to TJ on his YouTube channel.[2]
  • He is currently residing in Montreal.[3]
  • He began playing at the age of nineteen.[4]


  • His latest album, Music For Gamers.
  • His second album.
  • His first album.
  • How to do laundry like a berserk beast.
  • Being downright sexy.
  • With his guitar.

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