Satan Incarnate

Ann Coulter aka "Ann Cuntler" is a conservative political commentator and a soul-dead, xenophobic, emaciated donkey-witch.

List of DP appearances

Justin Bieber vs07:50

Justin Bieber vs. Ann Coulter


  • TJ suggested having Ann on the $20 dollar bill to replace Andrew Jackson in Episode 107.
  • She doesn't believe women should have the right to vote. [1]
  • she is the love child of Donald Trump, and a pterodactyl.
  • She and Jaclyn are the two last remaining members of the ancient species known as stickwithtitasuarus.


  • "Dems only ones ever to benefit from racist voters." - Yup, as we know, the Democratic Party is the party that has the racism problem. [2]
  • "I'll be on Megyn Kelly tonight!" - You should probably rephrase that if you don't want your real 'Murican status taken away by fellow Republicans. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [3]
  • "Most depressing fact @ America I've read since O's election: A women's soccer match was watched by more people in U.S. than Kentucky Derby." - Ehmm... how is that depressing? [4]
  • "I WAS RIGHT! Lib men are women! UK Mail: Strong Men more likely to be rt-wing; Weak men support welfare state." - I guess almost all of the audience of DP are women. Cool. [5]
  • "Obama has invited scrutiny regarding his gay lovers by refusing to discuss it." - AHAHAHA [6]
  • "liberals ecstatic obama is "1st gay president." who are the "teabaggers" now?" Yeah, liberals are the ones saying Obama is gay. Sure. [7]
  • "Liberal long knives are out for blacks this week" - Librulz. [8]



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