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What a sick piece of misogynist shit.

AnitaGate (or PhotoGate according to Scotty) was a short-lived Twitter feud (vicious rape) between The Drunken Peasants and Anita Sarkeesian.



Poor, poor Anita.

The Art of Photography = Harassment

On April 12, 2015, Ben went to a furry convention or something (actually just a sex dungeon called "Kingmakers") and noticed that Anita was also there. He took two pictures and posted them on Facebook and Twitter. Most fans of the show saw this as happenstance, but Anita's watchdogs caught wind of the photo and told her. She saw this as stalker behavior, and decided to tweet a screenshot. This led to an all-out war on Twitter between sensible human beings and total dipfucking asscunts. After the smoke cleared, there were over 16,000,000 casualties, and the only clear winner was Anita's ego.


Following the incident, Ryan Wiley was victimized when someone tweeted his location while he was out in public with friends, which Ryan deemed as stalker behavior and condemned it as "evil". He claimed this was a result of AnitaGate and put DP at fault for his traumatic experience in which he was not harassed nor bothered but merely felt it was creepy. DP covered his response in episode #108 and his followup video in episode #109.

Thirsty for attention, Jenny McDermott made a video accusing DP of doxing Anita. Let's make it clear that Ben only tweeted that Anita was in downtown Columbus, something Anita herself tweeted earlier on. DP and Jenny had some back and forth on Twitter, though they didn't discuss it in the next podcast, not wanting to give her anymore attention to gorge on. This is further evidence that Jenny's grasp on certain terminology is so tenuous that she might as well chop her hands off.

Episode 113 also featured a video by some douche and washing machine who defended Sarkeesian. Ben also received the title of Creepy Ben. TJ stated that he always knew Ben was a sexual predator so this is not a surprise.


The controversy was discussed on the 106th episode of the Drunken Peasants. JFG defended Anita and came out as a feminist.


Fans began to make dank MLG memes about the event, replacing Anita in the background of the image with things such as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, the Hindenburg Disaster, and Mid 90's Kevin Nash. Ben retweets many of these on the official DP Twitter.

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